The 32bit dual IMU gimbals are starting to hit the market.

Update 2: I would get the Zhiyun Crane, it is better than this gimbal. See my review.

Update: I am currently testing the Pilotfly H2, so far it is superior to the H1+, you might wait for my review on the new one.

Pilotfly H1+ (not to be confused with the Pilotfly H1 which came out about the same time.) vs. the Came-TV Single


  • Price: $791 Pilotfly vs $988 Came-TV (it was $888 for a few days)
  • Payload: 1,200g Pilotfly H1+ vs 1,000g CameTV Single
  • Battery: Pilotfly battery lasts 1:43, and charges in 1:50, Single lasts 10 hours. Pilotfly battery can’t be changed in the field. H1+ has 500 charge cycles. Pilotfly will have a new version of internal battery for user to replace
  • Weather resistant: both are not weather resistant.
  • Weight of unit: Came Single 1,200g and Pilotfly H1+ 890g. The Nebula was 800g which I am not sure I believe, perhaps without batteries. Beholder is 778g with the battery. If too heavy they can make your arm shake a little, so you might get better results with a lighter unit. Weight very important. Dave law, the lighter it is the more you will use it. So if it 35% lighter you use it 35% more.
  • PID Settings: Pilotfly almost encourages you to change the PID settings, they have setting for about every a7s GH4 lens combo. While Came-TV says, “No modification or amending to the Came Single is allowed. Do not modify or adjust the Came Single.” in the manual.
  • Motors: H1+ motors can get warm, have not noticed that on Single. H1+ roll motor with the highest temperature, because the control card is mounted on the inside of that motor housing.
  • Calibration: I also noticed that the Pilotfly needs to be calibrated more often than the Single because the horizon will drift when you first turn it on un-calibrated, in fact I have not had to calibrate the Single yet.
  • Carry unit without the power being on: Pilotfly easier.
  • CameTV Single feels so much smoother and more accurate but when you look at the footage not that different at all.
  • On the CameTV Single the motor is far back so the eye sensor hardly ever kicks in, which is nice.
  • Case: I like the PilotFly’s better, smaller and lighter
  • PilotFly has a better Manual PDF
  • Pilotfly has a ton of PID settings for each camera and lens combo on their Facebook Page.
  • PilotFly: the power button gets stuck sometimes
  • Both can’t open the a7s battery door the way I have them mounted on the gimbal
  • Both are 32bit and dual IMU.
  • Inverted mode on H1+ works well! Single: Quote from CameTV, “About inverted mode,  for protect roll wires, we have AB stop , so do not support inverted mode.”
  • Single has encoders. the H1+ does not.
  • Single sets up so much faster, when every second counts in a run and gun and you switch lenses a lot, this is the one for you.
  • Pilotfly: The bottom is not very flat for when you are setting it up, fall over easily. I wish it would flange out just a little on the bottom so in inverted mode you could hold it between two fingers.

Conclusion – Which one did I buy?

  • While the CameTV might be superior in design, when I went to load my camera bag for a hike I reached for the Pilotfly because of the weight is 310g less. When I packed my bag to shoot in a street fair I packed the Pilotfly because it does not stand out as much to the mall security. You actually might get less smooth footage with the CameTV after about 10 minutes because it is heavier.
  • I’m just starting to understand that you can take a lesser system like the Pilotfly but add IS or IBIS and get equal results to the Single. I think IS or IBIS really helps complete the whole system. So if I can use a lighter system with IBIS like on the new a7Rii the Pilotfly is the one for me.
  • If you are a beginner, you don’t want to mess with the software get the Single.
  • If you are not really strong and have many long shots get the H1+.
  • I purchased the PilotFly H1+

Check out Halley O’Brien’s YouTube Channel

Check out Emm’s comparison video at CheesyCam


  • I got the h1+ aswell. Having a hard time setting up, but it is my first gimbal so im assuming the first part is the most complicated.

    Some people say good things about autotune. We’ll see how that goes.

    Using a7s w. 35mm f1.8 apsc lens (for now at least). I want the 28mm fe.

  • Such an awesome review Dave, thanks so much! As yu say, these are gonna be just as ubiquitous and important as having a tripod and this is gonna be a go to review for years to come! In my haste i pre-ordered the came-single while it was still $888, but wanted to use this with heavier nokton lenses. Hopefully i didn’t make the wrong choice, as your review does shed a lot more light on the advantages the Pilotfly does have. Emm does seem to think the came-single having more room for balancing would help with heavier setups though. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Sadly I adopted the H1 and a week after I received it the H1+ was being offered…The sad part is that all the settings for the H1 aren’t the same as the H1+..

  • Can the Came-tv single support the GH4+12-35mm f2.8 lens? If not, do you have any recommendations Dave?

  • Cool to see you getting so tight and such shallow DOF with that fast 55mm on her. Your IQ just shot up into the big leagues on that Tree Hugging spot. You really showed that you don’t always have to have a super-wide on these gimbals. Great job!

  • Thanks for the review Dave! It’s very helpful. And I was wondering, do you had any brief thoughts on how these two gimbals compare to the Nebula 4000?

  • Thanks Dave! Appreciate that. One other question — Are you planning to check out the Mini Sturdyflight pistol grip gimbal? The footage I’ve seen so far is pretty impressive. Wondering what your thoughts would be given that you’ve tried a number of different gimbals.

  • Great article and video Dave, if I could make one suggestion it would be to use one name for a device throughout an article rather than swapping between various names.

    The very first 2 lines already had me confused lol

    •Price: $791 Pilotfly vs $988 Came-TV
    •Payload: 1,200g H1+ vs 1,000g Single

  • You have the payload for the H1+ at 1,200 g and the Single at 1,000 g. However, the H1 PDF manual you link to lists the H1 payload as 1,000 g. Did you accidentally reverse the payload stats?

    Also, do you know if that new replaceable battery that PilotFly will offer will work with the current H1+? (Or is this a feature for the next version of the H1?)

    Great review! Thanks.

  • i am considering getting one of these for my 5D3 with a 20mm pancake lens… it is under the payload, how do u think it will handle?

  • and, do u think this would replace a ronin-m? taking into consideration u can take the handles out of the ronin M

  • Only thing holding me from the H1+ is the Battery. Do you have any information about the replaceable option and when we are going to see it?

  • Great review video Dave! I have the H1 and was a bit peeved when they came out with the H1+ so soon after releasing the H1, especially for such little difference in price. However, I have yet to see any video that directly shows the superiority of the H1+ over the H1, even though in theory the H1+ should be.
    If you have the opportunity, I would love to see the two compared, ideally on the same unifying rig at the same time (no problem right? : ) . Is 32bit and dual IMUs more of a tech spec sales pitch or does it really make a difference in what’s delivered on screen?

  • Benton I will not have time to. But the way I understand it is you will get better performance at extreme angles or inverted mode.

  • I can understand better performance with 32bit and dual IMUs at extreme angles, but it would seem inverted mode shouldn’t have any additional performance issues, since it’s a “clean” 180 flip. I hope this is not the case as I plan on using my H1 in inverted mode quite often. (I haven’t even been able to use mine yet after receiving a replacement unit from them when my first one was DOA) Still angry with them in not disclosing that a H1+ was planned and soon to be released when I bought my H1. Not cool in my book. Six months OK. Three weeks? NO.

  • Dave, I’m a little confused about the encoders. I understand the single has encoders and the H1 doesn’t. How does that impact the performance/set-up?

  • Shawn, the encoders didn’t seem to help keeping it any smoother than the H1+, but in terms of not wasting time calibrating it each time, it made a big difference there.

  • Great! Dave, your review has made a huge influence on me concerning what I should buy. I was thinking about the CAME TV Mini or the RONIN M but I really like the idea of keeping things simple and light.

  • Hi Dave. My only doubt about which one to buy is precisely because the H1+ battery be low duration. This new battery offered by Pilotfly ensures how much time of continuous use?

  • Hi Dave, quick question about the H1+ — If one were to calibrate the gimbal and tune the PID settings at the beginning of a shooting day, in theory would the gimbal and camera stay in balance all day, even if it gets turned on and off multiple times, or would it need to be fiddled with each subsequent time it gets turned on? Would the Came Single be any different in this regard?

  • Dave, how does the footage you get from the Beholder compare to these two? I have the A7s/28mm combo, and so since weight isn’t an issue I’m wondering if the Beholder would be a better fit for me. I like the Pilotfly more than the Came TV, but the battery is a deal breaker.

  • Dave! Killer video. Never commented before here but I’ve watched many of your videos and they’re great. I have 3 questions for you:

    1) I’d also like to know the same thing as Michael W above…if I’m using the same lens and camera all day long on the H1+ would the gimbal and camera stay in balance all day even if it gets turned on and off multiple times or do you need to constantly tweak the settings each time it’s turned on?

    2) I shoot weddings and currently have my A7s with the 10-18mm lens on a sling hanging around my side hip area most of the day while I use my other A7s with a zoom lens for most shots. I know the H1+ has a 1/4 20 screw hole at the bottom where one could conceivably attach to their sling like I do right now to the 1/4 20 hole of the A7s and let it hang by my side throughout the day? Or would that totally not work or screw with the balance or settings somehow?

    3) Could you see there being an issue with the A7s plus the vertical grip? That pretty much lives on all 3 of my A7s cameras because of the extra battery life it provides.

    Thanks so much!

  • Jamie I have found that using the same lens and moving from one place to another usually works fine without any re-calibration, but if you move from a hot place to a cold place then yes you might need to.

    I have not tried it all day long like you ask about, but I would guess it would get out of wack after an hour or so of it moving around by your waist.

    I am not sure you will be able to balance it with the battery grip.

  • Drew, These are are much better than the Beholder because it has so many limitations for balancing the camera on it.

  • Thanks Dave. Appreciate the responses!

    As for the question about using the 10-18 in crop mode or not, I don’t see why one wouldn’t use it in crop mode. It obviously eliminates the vignette, but also at 60p crop mode has MUCH less moire than any lens on the A7s in full frame mode…specifically when shooting at 60p.

  • Jamie, I have not noticed this, in fact I have seen the opposite, I get more aliasing when shooting in crop mode. Do you have any tests I can see of your findings?

  • Dave, I have a Canon 60D thats about 990 grams with lens. I’m interested in the Came Single, for battery changing and on the fly encoders, but not sure it would support it. Do you have any idea if it would? or should I go with the Pilotfly, because they state the support?

    I was waiting for this exact review and really appreciate your videos! Thanx!

  • HI Dave,
    Im a big fan of your reviews and i always check your reviews before i purchase any gear,
    However now i would need your personal advice, between the Came Tv and Beholder, for the a7s, which would u reccomand?

    Cheers buddy!

  • Dave, I did find there to be more moire in 60p FF mode vs. 60p crop mode. By a huge amount. I only tested this the first week I got my A7s cameras and I no longer have the footage. I basically shot the side of the Sony box with the small lettering and on the 60p FF mode the letters were pretty much illegible because of all the moire. While in crop mode it’s just the opposite. We shoot 60p exclusively so this was important for me to know and I was secretly happy because I could then use a wider range of lenses at the time knowing they would have much less moire. Granted, I haven’t tested it again since that first week and now your post makes me wonder if I’m crazy and was just seeing things back in August 2014. 🙂 Maybe I’ll test again and post something.

  • Jamie, you are right you will get more artifacts when shooting at a higher frame rate than cropped mode. I need to run more tests on this to see how much more it is.

  • The only reason I can’t pull the trigger on the Pilotfly H1+ is that it doesn’t even have 2 hours of battery life… If it had 4 hours maybe…but 2 hours is too short. Why can’t the battery be replaceable like the Came Single? I don’t mind the learning and the tweaking over the Cane Single just give me a model with a battery i can swap.

  • Dave,

    I finally decided to go with pilotfly h1+ instead of came-tv single. Hope I made the right choice. It was a tough decision but for me if I can’t pack & carry my gimbal easily with me (I watched cheesycam cam video where he had came single and piloltfly cases…), I will leave it most of the at home.

    I’m aware that you are making a video about Sony A7s like you mentioned in your posts but could you please share your A7s settings which you use to record your videos? I especially like the final result here:

    Do you as any publicly shared settings like picpro, flaat, mcgregors etc? What works for you?

    By the way, how many lights did you use in that scene?


  • Dave,
    Had you not owned an IS lens would you have chosen the Came-single instead? I wonder whether a Pilotfly with an unstabilised Rokinon 12mm f2 on a GH4 would be inferior to the Came with said lens.

  • Hey Dave,

    I’m on the fence concerning deciding between the Came TV single vs the Came TV Mini 2 since the price is so close. I own a GH4 +12-35mm lens. Do they produce the same level of quality? Is it a matter of size and convenience vs having the option of using a heavier camera? Just seems weird that the price is so close.