Gimbals are improving at a fast pace.
  • Update: I would get the Zhiyun Crane, it is better than this gimbal. See my review.
  • B&H pricing: Pilotfly H2, Amazon pricing: Pilotfly H2
  • CameTV Single payload is 1,200g.
  • Pilotfly H1+ payload is 1,200g.
  • Pilotfly H2 payload = 2,200g
  • Sony a7rii = 625g, Sony 10-18mm =225g. The camera kit is 850g + 1,200 = 2,050g 4.5 pounds.
  • H1+ = 890g, H2 = 1,200g with battery (same as CameTV Single) .
  • Motors are strong, you can man handle this thing by making exposure changes and it never freaks out like the Nebula 4000 Lite.
  • You get used to the tool-less design really fast!
  • Inverted: Just turn the handle up side and power on gimbal.
  • On Switch: Takes a little while to get used it but it will not turn on by itself.
  • Wires: no exposed wires like the H1+.
  • Heat: the H1+ motors run hot, the H2 motors feel cool.
  • Poles: 22 pole H2 vs 14 poles H1+
  • Power on: with encoders they always remember where home is, where the h1 you need to correct it sometimes.
  • – 32bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU technology
  • – High playload motor with Encoder technology.
  • – Tool-less design
  • – 360Β° Yaw (no limitation) H1+ has a limitation.
  • – 4-way joystick
  • – Detachable handle
  • – 3 x ΒΌβ€œ screw holes (one on each side and on bottom of the handle)
  • – 5 pre-configured profiles (Follow Mode, Pitch Lock, Full Lock, Follow Roll and Home move)
  • – Auto-Invert-Mode (all profiles can be also used in this condition)
  • – Roll axis 180Β° turnable, to mount cameras with flip screen
  • – Integrated 4S Li-Po battery with a operation time of more then 26hrs
  • – Status LED for power and battery level
  • – Integrated Bluetooth module for remote control
  • Firmware to 2.58 b7 ENCODERS version
  • Should you get the H2 or H1+? I would get the H2
  • Should you upgrade from the H1+ to the H2? That is a hard one to answer, I am not sure what I am going to do. If you have IBIS they are both similar with my currently level of gimbal experience. I am thinking about selling the H1+ plus.

RM-01 remote controller (I have not tested yet)