This video is as "fun as watching paint dry".

I want to get in to the habit of doing at least one time lapse each month. Since I have been using Premiere and had no idea how to do a time lapse using this program (like I did with Sony Vegas) I thought it would be a good exercise to see how it was done.

In the future I will do a video on how I created this video, but since I am high on paint fumes right now I will save that for another day.

For an extra bonus, I tried to key out the green paint for a little bit of this test, but as the paint drys quickly so does it color so it didn’t work that well. Oh well.

Drag the Shutter

I am trying to get better at dragging the shutter. In this one I have it set to F.14 and the shutter speed is between .6 and .8.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.


  • I think the general color of the paint probably didn’t help either. It’s very close to skin tones.

    Interested to see how you put this together in premiere!

  • Dave, your site is awesome. I’m just getting into using Premiere as well as time lapse photography, so it’s nice to take this trip with you, so to speak. Interested in seeing your workflow.

  • Dave…you inspired me to time lapse dinner and clean up. It took 50 minutes and I took 993 frames at .5 sec every 3 sec. I made two movies: one at 30fps and one at 15fps. I think I like the later better. But this exercise has me concerned. At this rate I’ll be at 100,000 shutter clicks on my 40D in a few months or earlier if I get into star/cloud TL movies. I just got my 40D back from the shop ($200) for a new shutter box after it failed at a disgustingly low 6500 shutter clicks (a known problem with the 40D).

    Are you concerned about wear and tear on your shutterbox doing time lapse stuff? Thanks for a great site!

  • @Jeffs great question. That is why I am limiting my T2i to one time lapse a month. But it is only a body which I will use for only two years (I am sure I will upgrade in that time) so perhaps I might use it more than that before it wears out.

  • How do you do a time lapse shot? I can’t find anything in the manual, or menu. Do I need a special peice of equipment to do one of these? Thank you.

  • Dave,

    Love your work! I have been recently testing time-lapse myself. I was wondering what is your workflow with Premiere Pro CS5 and the T2i?