NLE more important or is color is more important?

I think 2015 will be known as the year when NLE’s and color grading software came together to make our live much easier. One one hand you have Adobe Speedgrade being integrated into Premiere Pro CC 2015, and on the other we have a full blown NLE built in to DaVinci Resolve 12.

Resolve’s color so much better than SG but round tripping with Resolve hurts so bad I only used it on important projects.

When I attended NAB in April, it was somewhat foolish trying to get my Speedgrade questions answered at the Adobe booth while I should have been playing with the new Resolve 12. The new Resolve 12 will be released next month.

Before I go any farther I want to mention I am a Windows user so Finalcut is out and I am not going with Avid or Edius because the user base is small so that means training available and others to learn from on YouTube.

I started on Sony Vegas the reason I left was performance issues it would crash with more than 80 1080 clips. The PPro MPE could not be beat so I moved from Vegas, and it was the right decision 5 years ago.


Premiere Pro CC 2015 vs. DaVinci Resolve 12

That brings us back to Premiere Pro CC 2015 vs DaVinci Resolve 12.

When I was at NAB I was asking where are all updates to Speedgrade were? I noticed all of SG had been put in to PPro but nothing new put into Speedgrade. So it feels like SG has been integrated in to PPro which is great. So is SG as a stand alone app dead?  I don’t mind SG as a stand alone app dying, I think it makes a lot of sense. I called Adobe to see if there were killing it off and they won’t answer me.

The new PPro/SG combo seems pretty powerful and I am sure it can handle just about any project. But my guess is Resolve 12 will still be more powerful since it has features that SG doesn’t have like Hue vs Hue. Dealing with Sony a7s Slog2 footage I have found myself using Hue vs Hue a lot more. Or making a quick qualifier in Resolve is really fast compared to SG. It just seems like I can work faster and more creatively in Resolve compared to SG.

Premiere Pro has some issues which frustrate me, like trying to sync two cameras to via audio and it only working like 25% of the time. Perhaps Resolves multi cam audio sync will work more like Puraleyes.

SG never got Adobes fingerprint on it, for instance you can’t zoom on timeline like you can in other Adobe products. These are some minor issues but I makes me wonder if the grass is greener over in Resolve land?

I could downgrade my CC membership from $50 a month to perhaps $10 for Photoshop and Lightroom. As for After Effects, I might try Fusion 7 (free but Windows only).

Here is my thought: PPro has a strong NLE, Resolve is strong in Color. It might be a while until Premiere Color gets as good as it already is in Resolve right now. My bet is that the NLE in Resolve will improve faster than color will improve in Premiere Pro.

If I move to Resolve I am sure it won’t be all roses for instance I will really miss the temp slider in SG, I sure wish Resolve had that!

So what it comes down to is the NLE more important or is color is more important? With the Sony a7S there’s no question about it, color is more important than the NLE. Sony does not have easy colors that Canon has. This could be an easy decision.

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  • I agree, I use both Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro, but with the news of Resolve-12 coming soon. I’ll most likely do the change over as well. Color grading and features is incredible in Resolve, by converting it into a full NLE system. It only makes sense to change over, or use as the main NLE, and the others as secondary. At least that’s what I plan to do. Can’t wait for Resolve-12.

  • Usually when a small company makes software that outperforms software made by the big established player so much that people start turning over, the big established player just buys out the smaller company. Although in this case, I’d have a hard time seeing Adobe buy out a camera maker like Black Magic Design, but it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

  • When I tried Fusion 7, it was rather limited in video formats it would use. And I like the ability to link After Effect with Premiere. Don’t think I will go that direction.

  • Not to belittle the importance of color grading, but I say choose an NLE that’s first and foremost, let you assemble, compose and tell your story in a more comfortable way.

  • Black magic is by no means a small company my friend. They have a massive hand into broadcast and software that most people aren’t aware of. They are not Adobe size but they are not considered by most to be “small”.
    Always love your thoughts Dave. I am taking a davinci training course and am impressed with what I am seeing. I think I will make the call when 12 comes out and I get my hands on it. I just am so much faster when editing in premiere. Blah! Choices.

  • Dave,

    Resolve for me was extremely laggy in the GUI and footage playback. I’m not sure why. Hoping Resolve 12 fixes those issues! Have you had any issues like that?

  • “Color is more important than the NLE”???

    With a statement like that, maybe you should stick to reviewing solar panels, solar dave …

  • I too am looking forward to the new Resolve 12. I am also thinking that I could replace PP with D 12. Right now using Resolve and PP together is pretty clumsy. I really want the power of Resolve color to be integrated into my editing rather than round tripping.


  • Resolve which was originally a high-end grading tool is pushing to also become an editing tool. BlackMagic also bought Eyeon Software to get the Fusion compositing program to complement their offer.