I’m happy to have a Premiumbeat as a sponsor for my site.


I’m happy to have a Premiumbeat as a sponsor for my site. Since I have always thought their music was top notch, I was delighted to have them as a sponsor.

I have enjoyed using Creative Commons music for years which is totally free, however it can be very time consuming. My friend David ask me the other day how I find music from some of my videos and I told him that it is not easy because finding good Creative Commons music that you can use commercially or even non commercially just takes a lot of time.

Many times when I am getting close to finishing a video and I want to add some music to help the flow of the video I will skip the entire step all together because I won’t have time to spends hours finding good music to match the video.

That is where PremiumBeat really shines, the vast majority of the music is really good so finding something quickly is very easy to do. Using the wrong music in your video which I have done can hurt your video. Just read some of my comments on YouTube.

PremiumBeat offers several license agreements, the one that most people here might be interested in is the Standard license that allows you to use a song unlimited on the internet, film festivals and 1,000 DVD copies. It is royalty free which means you just pay once.

I typically will browse by genre find two that I like using the favorite button, download all of the preview files, import in to my NLE which is Premiere Pro, drag them on the timelines and listen to which one works the best. Now you will be hearing the watermark of every few seconds but that is OK.

Trying to get the music duration to fit the song is pretty easy because each song comes in different durations, 15, 30, 60 seconds or the full track. If that doesn’t it work for you, use the loop sets to build the song you want. You simply drag the loops sets on the timeline in the order you want.

Once you have it the song you like, return to the site and purchase the music, you will get an email where you can download the non watermarked version, over write your existing track and you are all set.

It is a father son business and you can tell they take pride in picking the best stuff that gets submitted to them.