This is my test tip so far! This one can be a life saver.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

I wanted to add a couple of corrections to my last tutorial (sorry I am learning this as I go) on quick auto focus in movie mode.

This again was a tip from Jose Jesus Zaragoza and it is a good one!

This tip will help me not lose many shots because I am not in focus. Also if you do not have a z-finder (I don’t have one – too much $) and you have no way to know if you are in focus or not, this tip can really save you because the AF focus points are so accurate.

Check out my video below:

Here is a tip from AngeloDavidKevin after he watch this video:

“also note that u can use any AF point, but the middle one is the most sensitive. So it makes sense to use that one.”


  • Dave, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your website and the accompanying videos. Please know that by sharing YOUR struggles (not much of a struggle because I KNOW you are having fun!) with us you are helping us all learn about DSLR video. I too have been just awed by the work of so many great videographers posted on vimeo. I placed my order for a T2i/550D this afternoon and look forward to following along with you and putting what I have learned into practice. Again, thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • Great tip Dave, I think the whole ‘Gabbam’ phrase is required when focusing too. LOL.
    Good job in making the tutorial video professionally shot too. I need to up the quality of my video tutorials now, i’m looking like a rookie!

  • Emm, thank you so much for saying that! I think your tutorials so awesome, I have learned a ton and you have saved me a ton of money.

    A bodypod video is coming up soon – modeled after your video.

  • Awesome, Dave. Thanks so much…
    On the subject of focussing: I’d love to learn the technique of re-focussing in a continous video-shot. For example focussing on a leaf in the foreground, and then on a forest in the background. I guess a simple dial on the lens would do it, but maybe there’s a few expert tips on how to do that as well?

    Regardless: Thanks a bundle!

  • Quick question. Do you have to stop recording and then refocus? I was noticing I couldn’t “quick focus” on the fly while I was recording. It would only focus using the AF live mode during actual recording which meant I couldn’t pan and focus on a distant object. Any thoughts?

  • Wow, didn’t know about this trick.
    Only knew about the live focus, which usually took a few seconds before it found focus.

    This sure helps!

  • I tried to replicate what you did here… but on the Canon 60D it must not work the same. For example, when I press the ‘Q’ button I don’t see ‘Automatic Selection’ like you do in the video. From there, nothing… any feedback would be great 🙂 Thx. I am beginning to wonder if most of your content will only be applicable to the Ti2 camera – because I have run into similar issues following some of your videos…

  • Thanks again mate! I’ve got some order into watching your videos now… starting from the beginning rather than the end! I’m also playing along which is good!

    With this focus thing… Should the camera be in AF mode (ie on the lense) or not? Also either way I found that just clicking the shutter button doesn’t focus. I have to hold it down. Then i see the focus dial move….


    Thanks again

  • Hi Dave… thanks for such a wonderful site! I’ve learned so much from your tips already.

    I’ve just bought the T3i/600d. Is it possible to quick focus to just one AF point in movie mode on this camera as well? I’ve tried following your tutorial, but when I press the Q button, I don’t see the “Automatic Selection” option. I really hope this feature is available on the T3i, because its so useful on the T2i.

    Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge so freely!

  • Hi all,

    I was having the same problem as Pete, Zachary and i imagine any other 600d/60d user. After looking through the manual though I found the solution (pg 136).
    What you have to do is go to the quick menu, select AF quick and with that still highlighted on the quick menu press up on the d-pad. This will highlight the center AF box in live view. from here if you use the click wheel you can select any of the AF boxes to be the primary one.
    Basically once you have set AF to quick in the quick menu the grey AF boxes in the middle of the screen become another quick menu option in between the top option (AF mode) and the bottom option (video snapshot).

    hope that helped.