Quick Focus To Just the Center AF Point

This is my test tip so far! This one can be a life saver.


I wanted to add a couple of corrections to my last tutorial (sorry I am learning this as I go) on quick auto focus in movie mode.

This again was a tip from Jose Jesus Zaragoza and it is a good one!

This tip will help me not lose many shots because I am not in focus. Also if you do not have a z-finder (I don’t have one – too much $) and you have no way to know if you are in focus or not, this tip can really save you because the AF focus points are so accurate.

Check out my video below:

Here is a tip from AngeloDavidKevin after he watch this video:

“also note that u can use any AF point, but the middle one is the most sensitive. So it makes sense to use that one.”