Breckenridge Real Estate Video and What I Learned

Few things I learned from my first RE video.


Before I started on this real estate video I watched many others online that were highly ranked or won some award.

First thing I noticed is that you really didn’t want to go over 3 minutes, you actually wanted to be around 2:30 minutes – you could really feel that when you watched them, I was at 3 minutes at first and kept cutting out parts of the song until I got to 2:44 which felt better to me.

Watch my other video at the condo.

The next thing I want to do was get the right blend of ‘around the town shots’ and the inside of the condo. Our family loves to rent houses and condos in the mountains so I have watched a lot of these and I always want to see the condo right away and not have to wait until the end. Most people that watch your video will have already looked at the photos and now they want more info so they hit your video after that, so I wanted to load up the first half of the video with the condo shots.

I think the use of a slider really gives it a professional feel but I didn’t want all slider shots because that smooth motion can’t take away from the excitement you want the viewer to feel, you want them to be excited to book it and not fall asleep with slider shots of an empty room.

I wanted to have people in the video as well but not show there faces, so the person watching the video can imagine themselves in the condo. My favorite shot in the video is when my daughter placed her bare foot on my wife’s foot. Families love to get up in the mountains for some family bonding and I think that one shot really sells that idea.

I love to have the person that I made the video for in the room so I can watch them watch it for the very first time. When the owner of the condo watched that one moment I thought I heard her say ‘ahhh’. Also when the fish jumped out of the water she asked “Where was that?”, I told her it was only a few hundred yards from the condo and then she said, “You shot that?” as if I bought it from some stock video site.

My 24-70 was nice because it was wide, but I would have rather had a 16-35mm to get even wider.

The time lapses in the video go by fast but wow they were the most time intensive to create.

And at the end I totally stole Philip Bloom’s idea of blowing out the candle at the end.

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