I ran across a short feature film product using the RED Epic.

I took my girls to a skating rink in Boulder yesterday for a birthday party and when we got there, there was a short feature film being shot at the skating rink.

I asked one of the crew what the project was and he said it was a short feature called Delirium, he said it was a psychological thriller that takes place mostly in Europe.

They were using a RED camera, I don’t know anything about that line of cameras but it looked like the Epic.

I was amazed how uncomfortable the DP because her neck looked so uncomfortable. I guessing they rented the camera and didn’t know how to outfit it properly.

The main actor looked a little like Zac Efron, but my wife watched this footage and said it wasn’t.

Boy she seemed really uncomfortable with the camera.

I looked at the monitor feed, and the footage coming off the RED look very nice. The natural light looked good at 4:30pm in the afternoon.

I was amazed how fast they kept moving around the rink, it seemed very unscripted, like they were mostly trying to get B-roll. The director would yell out where they should be.

“Director Kunz” was on the clapper board, but I could find anything about him online. Someone told me the production company is World’s Fair Pictures. Update, the director in this case was Cru Ennis and the actor was Lee Roy Kunz.

Must be a small film, not worried about getting model releases for all the people in the video (extras).

Really wish I had a 70-200mm 2.8

Boulder is not really known as a hot bed for film making, so it was fun running in to this production.

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Delirium Feature Short Movie BTS

Camera used in this video
Office video
Lens used in this video


  • Hey Dave, I enjoy your videos, thanks for posting these. Can you let me know what camera you are using for your office footage and the skating party.


  • Hi Dave
    Thanks for posting. You should visit Toronto sometime. Hardly a week goes by when I don’t see another camera crew somewhere downtown! Yes, have noticed the RED ( and ArriFlex) being used on quite a few shots.

  • Probably the DP has a neck problem, it just doesn’t make any sense to place that monitor that way!!!! o.O

  • Hey Dave nice video. I have a question. How do you keep the window in your opening scene from over exposing? Are you using a Gel on the widows or is it the way you’re lighting the scene? Thanks David A

  • Very nice Dave!

    You should go into the “behind the scenes” business and make the bonus clips included on DVD’s.
    Your shots of this crew looks better than some I have seen.

    How much extra footage did you record and sift through in order to get the good shots?

    thanks for sharing,

  • I dread the day when clients will discover how good Dave is and swamp him with so much work that he won’t have time for this blog. Honestly your videos are amazing, I’m not sure you’re missing the 70-200mm that much. : )

  • @John and @Bob wow thanks for the comments. Most of the time I only use about 30% of the footage I shoot but on this video I used about 90% of the crew because I didn’t have that much because I didn’t want to get in their face too much.

  • I have actually heard that the red epic/scarlet isn’t very good in low light. Pillip has some sobering thoughts on these cameras:

    The only reason i can think of for her having the monitor that way would be to avoid sunlight /glare on the screen… but the ground is covered in snow and ice, which would do the same thing if it was pointing down like that… An EVF or at least a monitor hood would have helped… Perhaps they spent all their money on renting all that gear and forgot to consider ergonomics in their budgeting.

  • Probably some students putting their own film together. They look like it and that may account for the awkwardness.

    At least they’re doing something. Good on them. That’s what experience and learning is about.