My first shoot with the RED Epic.

In my last video you got to see James Drake of give me a tutorial on using the RED Epic, right after that he gave me the camera to shoot with. Since I had questions about renting the Epic, I interviewed James with the Epic.

Before I start in the interview. I shot the video at 5k resolution. I downloaded the RED-Cinex Pro Beta program I did some coloring there and then in Premiere I brought in the native R3D files and was surprised they played back really well on my machine. I wanted to draw more attention to James so I added a vignette. I also noticed that some light rays where coming in from the high windows and I wanted to accent them a little so I created some light rays and tracked them with the originals as they crossed the station.

So real quick this is what the raw files of the camera looked like and this is what I did to it. Since I don’t own any sort of 4k display device I published this video to 1080. To be fair this type of shot is really not where the Epic shines, but I didn’t have time to do much more than this.

  • Who rents a RED Epic?
  • Time to test and get comfortable before shooting for the first time?
  • What type of projects are shot on the RED?
  • Lenses to rent?
  • Rent vs. own?
  • Other benefits
  • Additional rental services?
  • Insurance on the camera?

5K Still from the RED Epic (color corrected in RedCineX)

You can click on the image and then go to the original.

5K Still from the RED Epic (color corrected in RedCineX)