So how does my monster computer handle raw 5k footage from a Red Epic?

After my series of videos on my new computer build I got several questions on how well my new monster computer would work with raw footage from the Red Epic camera at 5K resolution. So I asked my friend James Drake that does Denver Video Production to come over with some of his awesome 5k footage to see how my new computer could handle it.

James Drake’s videos

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III


  • Great to see that you new setup is working great for you 🙂

    What kind of raid array are you going to set up? Make sure that you will get higher write speeds.

  • Seems like a pretty sweet rig to me.

    Have you enabled CUDA for Premiere and your 680? None of the 600 series is officially supported yet (and therefore not enabled by default), but they ought to still work. It might even get you that full 5k playback 😉

  • Really love the whole video, for a newbie like me its something realy informative, thanks. Also waiting for the update on T4i tutorial as promised 🙂

  • camtasia ! drop ur framerate so if u want to do test just film ur screen instead of screencapture it try it & see by u’r self
    #sorry 4 english

  • In a way bayer sensor works like a digital zoom, both of them are faking information.

    Digital zoom is cheap way to get reach and bayer sensor is cheap way to get lots of pixels.

    Digital zoom blurs the image a lot. Bayer pattern blurs the image but not as mutch and it also presents some artifacts called moire.

    Nobody presents their dslr pictures on 100% zoom, almost everyone resizes them to web size and thus get rid of all that blurrines and moire. Problem solved. As an example try to put dslr image on desktop background on 100% zoom and you wont like it because of the slight blurrines.

    And with video material you view your movies mostly on 100% zoom, so you always see all the problems and blurrines. That’s why bayer sensor wont work so well on video. Look at the 5dmark3 and Red Epic videos on 100% zoom and both of them look very soft.

    So why is Red so mutch better then? You can shrink it to 4K, 3K or FullHD and get sharp video. With 5dmark3 you are already at the minumum resolution needed.

    And for the preview of the 5K video, you should not see the differense between 1/2 and 1/4 preview resolutions, because your pc screen can barely present the 1/4 preview. So no need to stress your computer for 1/2 preview resolutions on 5K video. For 5Dmark3 video you need to use 1/1 or 1/2 preview resolutions.

  • Raid 0 – This can give you up to 2x write speed. But! If one drive crashes the whole array crashes. I wound not choose this.

    Raid 10 (also called 0+1) – You need at least four drives and you can get up to 4x write speeds.

    Raid 5 – Gives you good redundancy but no significant increse in write speed.

    It also depends heavely on what raid controller you will be using.

    You can read alot more about it here:

  • Dave, you should go with RAID 5 if you have a lot of files that are very important to you, and you don’t wanna lose them. The big problem of RAID 0 is, if 1 of your drive crashes, your whole RAID crashes, and you lose all your files. RAID 5 gives you an opportunity to save your files replacing the crashed drive. Watch some Linus Tech Tips about the RAIDs 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. The sad about RAIDs 5 or 6 arrays: you’ll need a RAID controller.

  • You can use your motherboards controller (software based). Keep in mind that in Raid 5,6,10 it will use some of your CPU and RAM. Read your motherboard manual to make sure witch arrays are supported.

    For storage I prefer to use Raid 5. Then one drive can crash without loosing any data. But! Do not forget to still backup the most important data even from the array to another drive or media.

    Why do you need a higher write speed to your storage?

  • Just saw the benchmarking video. Very cool. Thanks for posting these “this is how I do it” type of videos. I found your site while looking for anecdotes about the GoPro Hero3.

  • Dave, I duplicated your setup and added a Black Magic shuttle and OCZ SSD Drives. Thank you for the great work. The only thing I would of changed for future expansion is the p9x79 WS motherboard to get the extra PCIe expansion since each GPU takes two slots. For instance, if you want to add two more GPUs, then you will not be able to have a fourth dedicated to a graphic card for GUI or a raid controller.

    I have two questions. : )

    How much more power would one get for Davinci Resolve and After Effects if another GTX680 or a even a GTX690 was added? I will be eventually editing from a Sony FS700 4K.

    Can you recommend a good but affordable secondary video card for GUI display?

  • One more thing. You said you are looking for a new monitor. There is a killer IPS Display, AURIA EQ276W (2560 x 1440), for $399 which is sold at Micro Center. Google the reviews. It’s up there with the affordable Korean panels, but you don’t have to buy overseas.