Faster rendering times with less power?

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

Need suggestions on what computer to buy (PC) for rendering T2i files faster with Sony Vegas 64bit while using less power.

I’m looking to get 12gig of RAM for the new machine to take advantage of the 64bit Sony Vegas. But I don’t think the RAM will help with rendering speeds.

Would a SSD help at all? Have a SSD for the OS and Vegas and a normal hard drive for the video files?

My last video of 3:15 in length took 22:50 render with a two-pass setting.

Sony Vegas MainConcept Settings


  • My thinking is, if it takes half the time to render a video, it will cut down on your power consumption by finishing your project faster.

  • @lencho, I did test it yesterday for a 45 second video and for some reason I forgot to write down how long it took. Oops. But I remember doing the some quick math in my head and it didn’t appear to be that much faster than not giving Vegas high priority.

  • Hey Dave,
    Digg the new look on the site. Your question kept bugging me all day and I asked around to a couple of computer geeks around work. I was told that when you increase a PC’s computing power i.e; ram,processor, etc., that you have to increase the power supply to handle the load. Although computing has come a long way and computer hardware is slowly finding ways to suck up less power, the fact remains that they are energy hogs.

    My computer friends gave me this link
    to figure out power consumption for an existing computer or one that you might buy/build. If you know a computers hardware, you can figure out how much power you need or if your building a PC, you can calculate how big of a power supply you might need.

    I’m a Designer by trade and I usally find that computers built for gaming are more than suitable for multimedia applications like video editing.

  • Thanks I will take a look at that page.

    Glad you like the look of the site, I have been tweaking it the past couple of days.

  • Hi Dave, I´m from buenos aires, Argentina, I´m a Motion graphics Designer and editor too.

    My pc is an Intel quad core 2.4 ghz with 4 gb 800 Mhz ram. One tip for editing, try Edius 5.5, that you will have a almost real time or you can convert your input inside Edius to Canopus HQ ONLINE, this will generate an avi file bigger than the original but you can edit in REALTIME with no problems. Premiere pro CS4 don´t work in real time, this an issue of the progran not of the PC, same problem with vegas, for me, today the only program that works better is Edius.-

    I like your website, congrats ! soyy gor my English


  • Great post Dave. Cut the render time quite a bit on my project after it failed a few times using the old settings. Really got me out of a jam! Plan to use these settings in the future for sure.