Not a tutorial. But I plan to make one at some point when I get better at Resolve.

Why create a video with questions that I don’t know the answer to? Others might have the same questions. I understand that at least one or two people of Black Magic watch my videos so I have a feeling many of these questions will get answered.

I have watched all of Alexis Van Hurkman’s course on Resolve which are extremely helpful but I still have more questions.

Resolve Questions (and now with some answers)

  1. Timeline: how do you zoom in on the timeline, not a big fan of how the scroll wheel responds and the + – keys don’t work all the time unless you have the right mouse focus area. Can I switch the scroll wheel with Alt/Scroll behavior? Answer: “I finally figured out that using + and – do not work well in Resolve I took a page from Freddie Wong to assign zoom to z and shift/z and it works great now.”
  2. Timeline: I am so confused on how to duplicate titles and make them unique.
  3. Timeline: Drag down the speed of a clip, why can’t I see the percentage?
  4. Timeline: how can I re-order the timelines in the edit tab? Answer: “You can’t re-order timelines — you’re stuck with creation order.” Thanks to Marc Wielage
  5. Timeline: I select a track I want to paste to, I paste but it always over writes the track below it. Answer: “You have to look where the [v1] red outline and the [ <> ] destination/edit active symbols are. if you put the [V1] into the v2 track and you disable the [ <> ] for track 1, you should be able to paste to track 2…” thanks to waltervolpatto
  6. Timeline: how can I select multiple clips and raise the audio 4dB for all of them at once? Answer: “go to the Inspector.” Thanks to gregor franz
  7. Timeline: when two video tracks are stacked, if I delete one, the other track collapses, can I change that behavior? Answer: “try right clicking and deleting instead of keyboard delete. I’m not home at the moment to try myself.” Aron. “just hit backspace.” Thanks to gregor franz
  8. Performance: I have no issues using Sony a7 XAVCS in 1080, but 4K I take a huge performance hit when editing when I don’t optimize media, for smaller project this is not an issue, but for larger project my scratch drive which is an SSD fills up so fast. Since I am getting the paid version of Resolve I will be able to use 2 GPU’s, if I got two GTX 1080’s would that help solve my issue? Answer: “h264 long GOP. bad. very bad. Two GPU will not help, a dual CPU with tons of core might. Proxy/optimize/convert in a friendly format.” Thanks to waltervolpatto. “XAVC-S is a Long-GOP H.264-based format that takes a lot of computing power just to play back, so you’re better off transcoding to a simpler format like ProRes or DNxHD to take the load off the computer.” Marc Wielage
  9. Plugins: where do I get a compressor plugins to help control my audio? Possible answer:izotope ozone plugins” thanks to Jeremy Ables. Another Answer: “I’ve found most audio vst plugins work quite well.” Thanks to Leslie Wand. “Red 3 Compressor from Focusrite” thanks to mastertrollware



  • There are already many answers maybe you can help me out? I use resolve since years for grading, it is so great!! In my last project I thought I switch completely and do even my editing in resolve but I could not find the reason why there is no sound in my preview (left monitor). Playing back the timeline works normal (with sound), switching to color there is sound although, back on the edit page there is sound only when I play back any content in the timeline and still no sound in the preview. Do you have any ideas?

  • Did #8 really resolve your issue though? You already transcoded it to DNXHR. and the suggestion you got was to transcode to DNXHD. That doesn’t seem to solve the issue you had with the highlights. Or, did it?

  • @Dave actually I want to have a good editing experience without lag without transcoding, perhaps I didn’t make that clear.

  • Many of your issues need to be coded into the program from the developers. Question 7, try right clicking and deleting instead of keyboard delete. I’m not home at the moment to try myself.

  • plugins: try TDR Nova (a parallel dynamic equalizer) and TDR Kotelnikov (wideband dynamics processor), they are great and free.

  • I also like Alexis Van Hurkman’s course. I have used it often. Another very good course on Davinci Resolve is
    I have found it very good.