I have no regrets one year later.

Many people have asked me to do an update on my switch from Premiere Pro CC to BlackMagic Resolve Studio for both editing and color a year after I switched.

The main reason I switched last year was Adobe was not updating the color tab as fast as BM was upgrading their editing tab.  Considering how Adobe’s quarterly profits seem to be speeding up while the speed of Lightroom is slowing with 42MP cameras, that to me was the writing on the wall, if all these Adobe engineers are sitting around and not totally rewriting Lightroom from scratch to make it faster how the heck are they going to improve their PPro color tab to keep up with BM pace?

I have no regrets one year later.  Things are happening like I thought, BM is busting their @ss and Adobe is sitting on theirs. I was a beta tester for Premiere and found an issue they had with saturation, they acknowledged the problem was there and it never got fixed. I kid you not, my Adobe contact said there was only one person that could fix that issue and he was on vacation when I asked about it, I guess it was a long vacation.

Quick history I started on Pinnacle, moved to Sony Vegas, then Premiere Pro and now Resolve.

For anyone thinking of switching like I did, the first question you might have is performance. I am not going to lie when I first switched to Resolve 12 and it was slow when using the Sony XAVCS codec. But what I lost in time during the edit of that footage I gained back in the color tab when grading Slog. I am not saying that Premiere’s Lumetri color tab is slow, I personally just got faster results using Resolve.

When Resolve 14 beta came out after NAB and promised a massive speed increase I was all over that once I finished my last 12.5 project. I had no problem dealing with the occasional beta crash in 14 because, oh my 14 was so fast! The way I look at it is, Resolve 14 is just as fast than Premiere now, and it some cases like playback of Mini Ursa 4.6k raw footage it is actually much faster in Resolve.

So in the past year I have really honed my keyboard shortcuts and I am editing faster than I was in PPro.

I am not making this video to get a whole bunch of people to switch over since I feel perhaps a bit isolated and lonely because I am in a very small minority of people using Resolve as an editor. I am doing this because people asked how it was going for me.

There are somethings in Resolve that drive me a little nuts because it does not behave like Premiere did but also there are some feature and tools in Resolve that Premiere will probably never have. I would call the Face Refinement tool a game changer for someone like me that does not own a color panel and can generate windows around faces, eyes, quickly, it does it all for you and on my new computer it can analyze it so fast.

On the flip side I would say PPro can handle more video and audio codecs seamlessly than Resolve, but like I said Resolve is updating quickly.

Take some time and think about this major decision before switching because switching to any new NLE sucks because you lose all your muscle memory.

Things that might be preventing you from switch from another NLE might be, multi-cam, collaboration, integration with Audition and After Effects, and plugins. Some people might live or die with with a certain plugin they absolutely need that perhaps Resolve does not have, I totally get that.

Starting with Resolve is easy, just download it for free and start cutting with it. If you really like Resolve and you need some extra things like noise reduction and lens flares, then pay a one time fee of $300. I say one time fee beacause I have asked this question many times with BM but it sure seems like they will never charge you for an upgrade, so once you pay that $300 just once.

Crashes, since the final version of 14 came out, it has not crashed on me and that is with two different computers. They have this feature that is called live save and you never have to save it does it in the background.

I shot this volleyball game for fun on my Sony RX100 Mark V total edit time was about 45 minutes. Not a polished edit, it was just for demo purposes for this video.


  • Great article. I turned my back on Premiere some years ago, for a lot of the same issues you are describing with Adobe. I switched to FCPX and not Resolve, and has skipped all other Adobe software except for Indesign. Adobe has great software, but years of developing building on “old” code seem to be catching up with them.

  • Thanks for this. As a long time PP user i thought id cut a personal project in Resolve 14 and found it quite good. My only issue was my exported prores file looked nothing like project in resolve (tired a bunch of different export settings). I am a noob in davinci but as im delivering primarily for web i just want my output from resolve to match what im seeing when Im editing and grading (editing on imac 5K) – do you need a specially calibrated monitor for resolve?