The ME2 lav is a little too bright for female voices.

I have not been super happy with the Sennheiser ME-2 lav mic that came with my Sennheiser G3 series wireless system, so I am going to see if one of these Rode lavs will work better for me.

The Sennheiser ME-2 lav mic is a sibilant for speech around 3kHz to 10kHz, it almost sounds like the “S” sounds are a little distorted, so even if you use a De-Esser it stills sounds nasty in the high end. The Sennheiser on me doesn’t sound too bad, but watch out when you use it on a female that has a lot of sibilance. However both Rode lav models work well in this region. Now having a rise in the frequency response curve is not a bad thing for when you want to hide the mic under clothing, also you are not speaking directly into the mic so the higher frequencies will roll off.

First Video Test

Wind Test 2nd Video

I have always found that the mic cord on the ME2 to be too long, I think Rode has the right length.

Even though the Micon-1 says it works with the Sennheiser it doesn’t screw in to the transmitter.

Rode Lav vs Senheiser G3 Lav

So I wanted to try out the Rode Lav Mic and the Rode PinMic and the Rode SmartLav too.

You will need to buy a Sennheiser MiCon adapter, IT DOESN’T COME WITH IT.

Recorded to the Tascam DR60

Tascam DR-60D
Tascam DR-60D

Pin Mic From Rode

Thanks to Chad Johnson for the song at the end. Or check out the full version of the song here.


  • I gotta say I think the Sennheiser sounds the best of all 3 mics tested. Much “brighter” and I’m not really hearing the problem with the “s” sounds you mentioned, but that’s my ear and I’m not a sound engineering pro like you either so there’s that. 🙂

  • I love your down to earth tests. I am looking forward to your 5D Mark iii tutorial. I hope you include shooting with magic lantern.

  • Yes I have to agree with Steve – I’m not hearing the sibilance issue on the Sen either but I definitely think it sounds brighter. Saying that, I would also prefer a very slightly muddier quality and boost/cut frequencies to add clarity in post to control any harshness. I have the Rode lav and like the results – never knew the vampire clip existed so I’ll be buying that!

    Helpful as ever Dave, thanks.

  • Hey Dave,

    I just went to the Dynamic DSLR thing in town last week (not worth the money BTW I have learned more from you and the rest of the net) But one thing I heard of was this guy Thomas Popp who has a book on all these techniques to wire up someone. It looks cool and I am thinking of ordering it.
    Hope it is helpful. Your review was for me.

  • What are your thoughts about the Countryman B3 or B6 mics ? I have 3 B3 mikes and I like them quote a bit, they seem to be picking up a lot less clothing noise and sounds pretty damn good (IMO). I dont have too much audio experience so I thought I’d hear what you guys think about them?

  • Oleg, I love the Countrymans. I have four. I also have the pin mic and I’ve pretty much replaced it with the Countryman mics. Fairly inexpensive and they sound great. I’ve gotten a few off of eBay for not too much.