Sekonic L308DC Review

Neat tool if you can afford it.


I’m in San Diego for a family vacation (by the time you read this I will be back) and my 30 day trial on this Sekonic L308DC meter is just about out, so I am reviewing it now. Sorry for the bad audio I don’t have my mic with me.

Mark Wallace did a great review of this light meter awhile back and that is where I learned about this meter designed for dslr video

Mark said this meter was dead on in all tests he did, so I am not going to test for that since Mark has way more experience than I do. I
thought I would add to his review by showing you some examples I have tried.

I recommend you watch Mark’s video. One of the things Mark didn’t discuss in his video, Canon cameras in video mode on uses center weighted average compared to the stills mode which had 4 modes.

With just center weighted average mode it is impossible to get the right exposed for this flower if you didn’t spot metering. If you had
a gray card or a digital target it might work but with a light meter where you tell it the ISO and exposure the meter will solve for the
aperture correctly.

Getting the correct exposure is critical as I am learning from doing more color correction.

So will I buy one of these or recommend it? I think for green screen work this could very useful but I have magic latern that gives me
tools like zebras so may not.

I do a lot of run and gun shooting so this doesn’t quite fit for me but if you do a lot of studio work and need to nail the expose and
light ratios this might be a awesome tool to own. It is not cheap as it is light I believe it is close $279.