Selling so I can get new toys.

Update: sold! Is anyone (USA) interesting buying my Pilotfly H1+ 3-axis gimbal? $510 which is much less than $850 new. Includes; gimbal, carrying case, charger, smart phone bracket, allen wench. I will also add in an extra battery pack which is not something you get when buying new. Shipping is extra. It is in perfect shape.

Why am I selling it? I am thinking of buying the new H2 (which has encoders) and I need the money to make that purchase.

$510 is less than any H1+ has sold on eBay in the past. I am selling it lower because if you buy it I will not have to pay for eBay fees, so I’m passing the savings on. This is not the Pilotfly H1 which is not as good as the H1+, so might see lower prices on eBay for that model.

This is not a pre-production unit. I did not get this for free, I have to pay for all my gear just like anyone else.

I have the PID settings tuned to my Sony a7 cameras with a 10-18mm Sony lens. Sorry I can’t offer technical support if you have a ton of questions on how to tune these types of gimbals, I am not going to lie, they take a lot of time to set up for your camera and lens combo. It took me a couple of days to tune it, and I have tuned several of these gimbals.

I will ship only within the USA, you pay for shipping.

You can see my review of it here (I really liked it).

Just send me an email at



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  • I thought you were going to hold off on buying the H2 for few months until the new one that is coming out in few months.

    I was using the Came Single, but I’m thinking about switching to H2…