Just sharing some photos.

My niece asked me to take some senior portrait pictures for year book and I thought I would share the experience since I don’t take photos for a living.

Lily Senior Portrait #2

Lily Senior Portraits #3

Lily Senior Portrait #4

Lily - Senior Portrait #1

Lily Senior Portrait #5

Lily Senior Portrait #6

Lily Senior Portrait #8

Lily Senior Portrait #10

Lily Senior Portrait #11

Lily Senior Portrait #12

Lily Senior Portrait #15

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  • Dave, these images turned out quite astonishingly well! Really well done. You captured a spark of beauty in every image. You should be proud!

  • Great shots you can start your photo bussiness as we speak!! You miss to mention on the lenses and if flash was used ISO…regards.O

  • Some of them are excelent! I love the expresion on all of them and thats the hardest part of portraits. However i feel some wider shots got distorted, perhaps u used a wide angle. Look at her arms in some… not very flatering i guess…

  • So wonderful, but bright and simple shots. The girl’s apreareance in really sincere 🙂

  • Dave, You did an awesome job! I love the poses and the lighting it is all really great. However for the next time i would just watch where you cut skin. where the subjects arms and legs are cut off.

  • Dave, some fantastic shots, but throw out Portrait #4 and #10.

    #4 is a bad, awkward pose with conflicting lines and angles, and an unfortunate fabric arrangement of her jeans; #10 is spoiled by the leg line crossing the body and an unnecessary foreground object (and also the too obvious retouching due to the color variation around her on the fence). Just my personal feelings. You really nailed many of these shots!

    A good general rule (IMO) is lines for men, circles for women. That is to say, compose male shots using angles and lines (hardness); compose female shots using circles and curves (softness).

    Also, research Golden Ratio/Sections for cropping your final shot.

    All in all, a terrific job, and one your niece must be thrilled with.

  • Dave,
    Example like this are great. Since this primarily a tutorial site, can you also please post metadata? For example, what lens did you use? What editing software?