It is much harder than I thought to backward engineer an HDR shot.

I was up in Breckenridge Colorado over the labor day weekend with the family. When I travel to some place new I like to check out Flickr first to see some of the best shots of the area. Over the past couple of years I kept noticing that BridgePix (Thad) from Denver Colorado consistently was at the top of all the places I looked.

I learn a lot by trying to backward engineer stuff so I thought I would try duplicating his two shoots in Breckenridge Colorado.

I failed. His HDR shots are so much better than mine.

Links To See BridgePix’s Photos:

HDR Tutorial:

Check out my full HDR tutorial using the Canon T2i 550D.

These are My HDR Shots

Breckenridge Colorado

The Dredge During the Duck Race - Breckenridge, Colorado


  • Seeing your camera hanging on the edge of the rock made me leap to the screen to catch it!

    Can’t wait to try this stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Dave,

    This is where HDR becomes such a contentious subject for people: to my eye, your shot of the bridge is much better than Thad’s: the clouds look more natural, and the shot generally has more life to it. He does have the better pic of the locomotive, but that’s only because its exposed slightly better. To be honest, the angle at which you’re taking the shot carries much more visual flair. You’ve correctly chosen the focus of the image to be that fantastic geometric shape on the back (or is it the front?) of the locomotive, whereas Thad has attempted to make the entire locomotive the focus. Were it exposed a little better, you’d be two for two.

    Everyone has their own preconceptions on HDR. I can’t even really correctly describe my own. It’s just one of those things that hits you on a gut level, you know?

  • I actually like your train image better. Granted your sky may not be as dramatic and a little weirdly gradated… but i think the train looks way more intriguing in yours.

  • That is the front of the train he was shooting. It is designed to push snow and stuff out of the way. I wish I had taken the time to get a shot of it… its a great piece of machinery. I miss Breck… we were there in Feb for some Epic skiing!!!!

    Nice shots 🙂

  • @eireann the links above don’t work to bridgepix’s photos, actually now that I think about he has changed his title to Thad Roan