Shooting HDR Pictures with the Canon T2i 550D

It is much harder than I thought to backward engineer an HDR shot.


I was up in Breckenridge Colorado over the labor day weekend with the family. When I travel to some place new I like to check out Flickr first to see some of the best shots of the area. Over the past couple of years I kept noticing that BridgePix (Thad) from Denver Colorado consistently was at the top of all the places I looked.

I learn a lot by trying to backward engineer stuff so I thought I would try duplicating his two shoots in Breckenridge Colorado.

I failed. His HDR shots are so much better than mine.

Links To See BridgePix’s Photos:

HDR Tutorial:

Check out my full HDR tutorial using the Canon T2i 550D.

These are My HDR Shots

Breckenridge Colorado

The Dredge During the Duck Race - Breckenridge, Colorado