Two popular picks for DSLR shooters.

These two microphones heavily reduce the noisy preamps in the Canon cameras because you can basically turn the preamp all the way down.

Both mics are very hot, but the Shure VP83 is 12dB hotter than the Rode Videomic Pro. Both are great for use with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.


Shure has AA batteries which makes it much easier to replace because you might be already using them for wireless mics anyway. The Shure AA battery is much easier to get out than the 9 volt, I always dread changing the Rode’s battery because it is not very easy to do.

  • 70 hours on Rode Videomic pro, as shown in the manual
  • 130 hours for Shure, as shown in the manual


  • Shure has much better construction, much better mic cord strain relief. The coiled cord reaches much farther.
  • Better mounting plate and you don’t need a extra accessory to mount on a tripod.
  • One of the tests I did had to do with RF shielding. Many times I have to redo a take because I forget to move my iPhone many feet away but an email or text comes in, even though it is on silent I get a blast of RF interference. The Shure mic has much better shielding than the Rode mic. Shure has less iPhone interference, in fact I recorded many tests with the iphone leaning up against the Shure mic without any interference.


Audio Quality

Overall I like the sound of the Rode better.

The Shure might not work well on a female voice that really pronounces her “S”.

I have never tried the Sennheiser MKE400 but in Chad Johnson’s shoot out I was not that impressed with it, it sounds really thin. I owned the original Rode Videomic and sold it because it was noisy because it just was not hot enough for the Canon cameras.

2 year warranty on Shure, 10 years on Rode.

Thanks to Curtis Judd for helping out.

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Rode VideoMic Pro
Rode VideoMic Pro



  • Hi Dave,
    There is not enough audible difference in wht I hear to warrant staying with Rode. If the interference happened just once at a non- reshoutable event the Shure would be he mike to use. In studio you can retqake – unfortunately in life there are seldom retakes. I will not even loo at the Rode now. Intermeitent screw ups are the worst.

  • Nice review, Dave. I agree on the sound of the RODE over the Shure. Definitely a little more low-end and less high frequency brittleness. Thanks for involving me!

  • Hi Dave,

    did Rode/Panasonic ever find a solution or workaround to the GH4 issue with the Video Mic Pro? Also does the Shure suffer with a similar problem?


  • Hello Dave,
    Very good video! I also have a Rode Videomic Pro. When I recorded a dialogs with it and with the GH3 it had allways has a hiss noise. Then I thought buying a Zoom H5 will be the solution, but I’m still getting hiss (at least is softer now).

    Do you have any recommendation??