After some complaints about the last program I revised this post yet again.

Update 5 and Most Current: I’m so frustrated at these people that create an awesome program and then hide it or take it down (see all the videos I have done on this topic!). People get mad at me for wasting their time because when they come to find the link it is not there anymore! So I put the program on my Google Drive and shared the folder publicly. If you are the one that created this awesome program and would like me to take it down I will be glad to take it down and I apologize for sharing it, but it has been a hassle to answer people’s emails each time the location changes. I looked at the read me file for the is app and I can’t find licensing agreement like Creative Commons, so again I will be glad to take it down if you want me to.

I demo this on the Canon T3i (discontinued) but you can pick up a new Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

Program for Windows Users

Click here for the Shutter Count Program – it works and it is FREE. It is placed on my Google drive.

Program for Mac Users

I got a heads up from Jason Wingrove about a FREE app for Mac users called EOS Inspector, Jason says it is really easy for Mac users. I have not tried it yet since I’m a windows guy, but my wife has a mac so I will try it at some point.

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  • Dave – with my Canon 7D and android phone/tablet, I use the app DSLR Controler.
    I connect the camera to my Nexus 7 tablet and it works great as a monitor and lets you control a ton of stuff -both in video and photography mode. It also shows you lots of information about your camera including shutter count.

  • Once again many thanks for all your help. Just when I think you are waaaay past my level of experience and I should drop off your . . . list you come up with a “GEM” like this.

    Just Plain Bill

  • Noticed the program reported you had 80% of your battery left according to the program. When I ran it I also got a report of 80% battery left which is strange because my 5d mkiii reports 97% battery left 5 seconds after running this “utility”. Hmmmm Did we just give this coder our serial number????

  • Regards the 80% remaining battery charge level, I assume this program has an upper reading limit,as I ran a 6D, 7D, 650D, 700D and 2 x 60D cameras through it. The 2 cameras with almost full batteries had a 80% level and the other 4 did give various lower percentage remaining battery level readings.
    The shutter counts were all good as the 700d was brand new and gave a count of 1.
    In regards to serial number acquisition, you can find any number of these on the side of the boxes on display in your local camera store.
    Relax and thank you for the useful program info.