My first time shooting 60fps at 720p and slowing my clips down to 24fps using Sony Vegas.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

I could see everyone else doing these cool slow motion videos on Vimeo using the T2i 550D  but for some reason when I went to learn how to do it I could not locate a tutorial on how to convert or down sample my video clips from 60 frames per second to 24 frames per second. I fooled around with Sony Vegas for a while and slowed down the playback speed from 1.0 to 0.4 and it worked very nicely.

Funny as I am writing this Dereck Willis wrote a comment on other post with instructions on how to do this after I finished it and his instruction were just like mine! I guess I did it right.

I used 1/125 shutter speed.

I also learned that day if you use ‘Auto’ ISO setting with the ‘Standard’ picture style you will end up with high aperture settings.


  • Hey Dave,
    great website, I frequently check it out!
    One important thing when slowing down the footage in Sony Vegas is to change the settings in the same window from “smart resample” to “disable resample”. Vegas will then play back the exact original progressive frames, otherwise you will get ghosting artifacts as Vegas is trying to reproduce frames.

  • @Michel, thanks. Someone else told about that but I forgot this time. Is there a way to do this universally for all video clips I bring on the Vegas timeline?

  • Hey Dave, I love your videos, I check out your website few time a day to check for new content. Please keep up amazing work! My t2i is arriving tomorrow. I wonder what is your end to end work flow to your posted pohto/video. I wonder how you cut/edit your video, what software(s) you uses, how you do color correction (by the way, the color on all your videos look amazing).

  • @Ming, thanks for all the kind words.

    I will add the end to end work flow video to my list of videos to do.

    If you want to see what I use, I list everything on my about page.

    No color correction yet, I plan on doing that later after I have more experience with the camera.

  • Hey Dave,
    yes there is a way to change this setting for all clips at once. Unfortunately I have a German version and don’t know the exact terms of the English menu.
    Basically, select all files in the timeline and right-click. In the appearing menu, there should be something like “switch” or “toggle”, anyway it should be right above “take”. There you can switch the resample mode for all selected files.
    Keep up the great work!

  • @Micheal, thanks I just tried that and it worked. But since I know I will forgot to do this each time I start a new project is there a way to set this a file preference?

  • yes, I wanted to do that also but haven’t found a way yet. I keep forgetting it as well 🙂

  • Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your great site here.

    I´ve purchased the 550D , and so far I´m pretty comf with the still images and how it works. but the video I´m just lost. For instanse… noise and shutter speed, and the iso settings, when I want to make a clean footage of a night situation. You know… I´m dying to know how to really setup my cam for the best result… and I just don´t get it :O(

    Hope you will make a podcast regarding this.

    Best regards


  • Dave

    How difficult is the learning curve on Sony Vegas Pro 9? I know this is rather subjective, but would appreciate your thoughts.


  • @Dan, it is not too bad. The $90 version is almost the same as the pro version, it mostly has more tracks. I would start there. I don’t think it is that steep. There are a lot of good tutorials on how to use it.

  • Dave

    I currently am getting my feet wet with iMovie 09: and I have a long way to go. Getting a T2i. My Mac with 8 GB memory and 2TB is a good base for my new love: the DSLR…..soon to known as the HDSLR.

    I may indeed go with the basic Sony Vegas. Thank you, Dave!

    Your tutorials are invaluable to me and the sharpness of your videos are of cinematic quality.


  • @Dan I used the basic Vegas version for years until I just need more than 4 tracks, a great way to get started.

  • It looks like iMovie ’11 converts 60fps video properly now. I slowed two clips, one shot in 30fps and one in 60fps, and the 60fps video kept all of the frames. There is a bug, though, that the 60fps videos don’t get a “60” badge unless the project is in 24fps… which means it still treats the clips as 30fps until the “conversion” process for slo-mo. I’ve submitted a bug report so that at least the badges show properly, so that you know what videos are shot in 60fps.

  • Well – this method does not work for my GH1 footage. I was hoping it would be a simple answer rather than using the velocity controls.

  • Dave,
    Before anything, congrats for the great stuff you’ve got on your blog!

    I want to shoot a soccer game, and turn (not everything) into slow-motion, and the remaining into 24p video. Is it possible with vegas? I’m using a T2i and Vegas 10.

  • hai dave i really like ur video. i want to ask u, can we combine 1080p in different frame rate like 30p and 24p in one project? and can we combine 720 and 1080 in one project?


  • Hey Dave, i watched this and dont get how you did the slow motion, the playback rate and undersample rate, is that what makes the video slowmotion or do u do the hold “CTRL” and drag method. i use 60fps but my slowmotion is chopy its not smooth

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank a lot for this lesson!
    I have noticed as well, that you did not check the “Disable Resample”.
    This is really important to keep all original 60 fps.

    I am eager to see your new comming “comprehensive” video on slow motion.
    It’s something I am interested in very much.

    Thanks again for your great job!