Mostly looking at sharpness.

Pricing on Sony 16-70mm:

Pricing on Sony 18-105mm:

Pricing on Sony RX100V:


  • I think your review, of this type, are becoming even more rambling, less focussed than I thought was possible. Generally I have always enjoyed your reviews, a different more laid back approach is nice, but, I think on this one you fell off the chair, to prevent that happening again just stay between wide open (awake) )and f8.0, any higher f number is mostly a waste of time and can lead to drowziness.

    Really, do you know people look at these, or are they just for your own enjoyment?

    kindest regards, John

  • @John thanks for your feedback.

    I put this on my 2nd YT channel, meaning it is not that great. Perhaps I should not put it here on the blog as well.

    I have two choices with this content when I have very little time to produce it, not make it at all, or share what I have. Perhaps I should just share it on my 2nd YT channel and not here.

  • Don’t hide these away on that second channel. This is great content and alot of us like to see these videos. I am gonna say he was too harsh and please keep making this content. When your busy with work sometimes you cant make really time consuming videos, but we still want to see these. Thanks Dave and keep up the work.

  • A week ago i exchanged my 18-105 to the 16-70 mainly for gimbal work. Really glad to come across this! Now i know i made the right choice! thank you Dave!

  • Dave, will you be doing a Sony RX100m5 review? Looking at the video capabilities, it seems like a decent B or C camera for some videographers who want a pocketable camera to complement their A7 series .

  • @Drew I am not sure if I will do a full review but I will make some smaller videos about it, so far it is a lot of fun to shoot with, I take it everywhere.

  • Thanks for all of your work on these lens reviews Dave. I would like to make recommendation, and it is that if you are going to do a direct lens comparison like this using stills, that you do not use the raw file from one camera compared to a JPEG file from another camera — such as what you did with the RX100V. Keeping in mind that the JPEG has already had processing applied to the image, including contrast and sharpening. So that does not really make it a fair comparison to an unprocessed raw file. Doesn’t take away from your channel, I have been checking in since the get-go, and I have always enjoyed listening to what you have to say.

    Thanks again,
    — Marc