More AF Tests showing the Canon M5 as the best than the a6500 and the a7rii

After making an embarrassing mistake while using auto focus, I had a few of questions I wanted answered:

  • What is better, 1080 or 4K when using face detection AF with the Sony cameras? Answer is 1080
  • What works better the Sony a6500 or Sony a7rii when using face detection AF? Answer is a6500
  • How does the Canon M5 compare? Answer: it does the best.

Check out Max’s YouTube channel.

Pricing on the Sony a6500: B&H | Amazon

Pricing on Sony a7rii: B&H | Amazon

Pricing on the Canon M5: B&H

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  • Dave, can you point me in the direction of a good step by step guide for setting up/configuring a6500 for video. Particularly the AF settings. I’ve just switched from a 5dii and am struggling getting to grips with the AF for video. Some guys use the tracking for wide iris gimbal shots…. but I can’t even track hand held …