Opposite of what you want to have happen.

Is anyone else having this Steadyshot (or OSS) issue with their Sony a6500?

I just updated the a6500 firmware to 1.02.

Lens firmware for my lenses as of 4/7/17:

  • 55mm 1.8 version 01
  • 18-105mm version 02
  • 10-18mm version 01
  • 70-200mm version 02
  • 16-70mm version 01

My a6500 serial is 3371913 ,new on Dec 15 2016. I have never dropped the camera and it has been doing it since I got it. I have not touch the sensor with any cleaning swabs yet either.

Common items from others:

After reading the comments on YouTube it seems like I am not the only one having this issue. However to be fair some people said they do not have this issue.

  1. Happens more often when panning and tilting up at the same time.
  2. Happens with many different Sony lenses that have OSS
  3. Worse when shooting handheld at frame rates lower than 60fps
  4. Happens even when changing the ibis from auto to ‘manual focal length’

Settings when the micro jitters has occurred:

  • clear image zoom enabled is enable
  • AF area is set to wide, also set to single point
  • AF-C is turned on
  • Center Lock AF is On
  • AF drive speed = slow
  • AF Track Sens = standard
  • Steadyshot is set to auto for focal length
  • Face detection is turned on
  • 4k XAVCS, 1/50th shutter, 24fps

Settings when the micro jitters has Not occurred:

  • When Steadyshot is Off and AF is turned on/off
  • When Steadyshot is On and AF is turned Off


Update 1: 4/7/17


  • It happens to me a lot, especially when I use it on the Came-TV Single. I just turned it off, not a fix I know……

  • Yes, I experience the same thing. I thought it was the result of the camera shake being more than the sensor could compensate for, and then doing an abrupt reset of the sensor position. I just assumed it was normal on this camera.

  • Yes, also a new one in the store (Germany) have this issue. I was shocked, … is the steadyshot realy on? Yes it’s on. The camera in the store will be work only for stills.
    Have you the issue all the time or was the new camera without this megajitter?

  • I would buy the camera, if this issue is not a hardware bug.
    Dave, is this error also at IBIS in manuel mode? Can you check out this?
    If no, then maybe a future firmware update would be helpful.

  • Hello Dave,
    My Sony supporter wrote me that the Gyrosensor plays a key role for the IBIS.
    Unfortunately they do not write me how to avoid the Wobbels in the videos.
    I think the IBIS in the a6500 is more for stills.
    Greetings from Germany