Fit one works better

Miller & Schneider A-Cup vs vs (Cengell) Chrisopher Engell EyeCup on eBay

  • Hoodman story:  Always a month away.
  • Both fit both of my a7 cameras
  • The Miller and Schneider comes off after storing it in my camera bag. Also when you flip the screen you can’t see the entire screen when you’re looking down at it. I can losing it quickly.
  • Miller and Schneider: Don’t like their big name in it
  • None have issue with the EVF sensor on both
  • Very subjective. Your face is totally different than mine
  • The CenGell on eBay digs into my eyebrow. I can feel it for 10 minutes after
  • Can’t leave Miller and Schneider on the camera all the time. Pain to flip screen out. I wanted the smaller to win but it didn’t
  • The Miller and Schneider doesn’t seal my eye totally unless I really smashed it into my face
  • Got to be careful as you move your Eye left to right, the EVF colors will shift
  • To be continued if Hoodman ever comes out with one


  • Thank you for your positive review of my Eyecup for the Sony A7 cameras. I understand that every face is different just like shoes and not every Eyecup works for everybody but I have received near perfect feedback on my Eyecup and for the money mine is $24.95 shipped and the other Eyecup is $45.80.

    I am glad to answer anybody’s questions just contact me.

    I appreciate your review!

  • Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the comparison. Very helpful for everyone trying to figure out which eyecup to get for the a7S, they really need one.

    Just one remark though. In the past eyecups of this shape always worked with one of the legendary video eye cushions (like this one: This would probably seal your eye completely and might give Christopher’s eyecup the advantage over the second one.

    Keep up the great reviews! Best,

  • I agree my Eyecups are very high quality and glad your happy Chris with my Eyecup. I have had so many positive feedback’s on my Eyecups and Button Enhancers.

    Thank you for posting!