Most people in their right mind would never go this high.

This is not a review of the new Sony a7Rii. In my later review I will compare it to the Sony a7S.

I was looking to do a high ISO test for the new Sony a7Rii, instead of boring charts I thought it would be fun to do an interview at insanely high ISO, so high most people in their right mind would never would never think of going. Blayne Chastain said he was flying his Remote Controlled Sailplanes with is friends Jon Padilla and Philip Van Drunen last night, so I picked that as my test. I shot this last night and edited this morning.

As the evening got darker, I was quickly going from ISO 6400 all the way to 25,600.

Few notes from the shoot:

  • Everything but the interview in slog2 at ISO 800 with an ND filter and the Sony 10-18mm lens and the Canon 70-200mm lens
  • We use the flashlight feature on two smart phones and covered them with napkins that you can see in the frame.
  • The interview was shot in Neutral Profile with contrast turned down -3.
  • During the interview that lasted about 30 minutes, the camera overheated and turned off 3 times.
  • I used the Pilotfly H1+ gimbal
  • Now that I can actually use slog2 outside without ND’ing the crap out of it I think I did an OK job with the slog footage, but I need more practice.


  • Thanks Dave.
    I follow your work and another great video.
    I also flyed sailplanes in Portugal, but I follow your videos because your so friendly genuine and focused reviews/videos.

  • Dave, i love your work.
    I saw your ISO test and, for me, the A7rII is good until ISO 12800. Is this your opinion about it?

    Other question: The A7rII overheat problem is present in sony A7s? Can i record a event with A7s?

    Best reggards and congratulations for your amazing work.

    Humberto Teski

  • What lapel mics are you using? Are they connected directly into the camera? Great footage and a nice piece on RC flying.


  • @Humberto I have never had the a7s overheat in the past year. As for 12800 I need to try that in different locations to figure that one out.

  • Thanks Dave. I bought the A7s about 3 months and in my tests i never had this issue, but i saw many reports about this problem in the A7rII. I work with wedding and business congress. I can’t use a camera with overheat issues.

    Thanks again for your reply.

  • Thanks Dave, nice looking video. I’ve been trying to decide whether to get this camera or the new a7sII when it arrives next month. I shoot primarily video and like the low light capability of the “S” but I generally use AF when shooting documentary run and gun. The AF on the RII in your other videos looks good and I like s-log2 at iso 800, but your description, “During the interview that lasted about 30 minutes, the camera overheated and turned off 3 times” has made the decision clear. Does the camera also overheat when shooting HD?