I happy to announce my latest Sony a7Rii course is finally done!

I’m happy to announce my Sony a7Rii Course is on sale! –>>> Buy the Sony a7Rii Getting Started in Video Course Here

How much does it cost for over 6 hours of training? $49

Any discount codes for the course? Yes get $10 off the course until Feb 11 2016. To get the code you need to sign up for my newsletter (see the right sidebar of the page at the top marked ‘Newsletter’).

I am subscribed to your newsletter but I have not receive my code yet. My email system for the newsletter can only send out about 400 emails per hour, I have thousands of subscribers so it might take a few days before you get it. If you don’t get it by this Friday the 5th please whitelist news@learningvideo.com in your spam folder and try with another email address, the code will be in the final double opt-in email.

I own a Sony a7S or a7Sii, will this course work for me? Since the a7Rii processes the sensor differently in Super35mm mode, I would recommend NOT buying the course. However the good news is I am working on course for those two cameras.

Who is it for? People that have never owned a Sony mirrorless camera before, or people that have had their camera for a while but never shot video. Or, this course is great for people who have not tested all the different settings.

What level is it? For about 5 of the 6 hours it is at a beginner level, however the chapter on Slog2 is an advanced chapter. If you are new to shooting video I would suggest skipping the slog2 chapter and return to the course after about 6 months or longer of using the camera.

DVD, Streaming or download? Sorry no DVD’s, but you can start watching it right now instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive. You can stream the videos or you can download them.

How to I get the course? After paying via PayPal you will receive an email with unique link and a password. The link will have your name in it.

Can I share the course with others? No.

Where do I go to purchase it? Buy the Sony a7Rii course

Can I watch some of the course before I buy it? Yes, see two videos, one from the beginner section and one from the advanced Slog2 section.

Free 6 minute video on Pros and Cons for shooting movies in Stills Mode or Movie Mode

Free 5 minute video on the advanced topic of Slog2


  • Nice work & deal Dave but will it be an update for 7Sii owner.
    Just a video for the few small differences of menu / issues / features …

  • @Bid I will be using the a7rii as a template for the a7sii course but I will have to re-shoot all the tests again, however the menu section should be fast to do since they are almost identical.

  • I’ve been following Dave for a good while now (yes even when he was a Canon man 😉 and really enjoy his presentation style. This was my first purchase, but won’t be the last.

    I was a little worried about it being mostly for beginners (I’ve been shooting 80% photo and 20% video since the A7 was released, then the A7II, now the 7RII) but I was wrong to worry. I’ve only touched on the videos and watched the samples, but its absolutely going to be worth it if for nothing else than the slog2 section. (I’ve been muddling through learning slog and LUTS lately)

    I also like having the choice of downloading or streaming the video. (looks like vimeo?)

    So far I’m happy with it, great stuff. I’ll update after I make it through the course this coming weekend.

  • One quick question. I swear on the A7 and A7II, during video, the option to use AF-S was available. But its not on the 7RII. Only MF or AF-C. Am I missing something?

    For the times when you want to manual focus (most of the time) it would be super handy to just be able to AF-S before a shot. Or if you want to focus on subject A, then move your spot to subject B and during filming just touch the button to swap focus to point B.

  • I am trying to sign up for the newsletter on the right, but the screen just goes blank after submitting the information. I would like receive the $10 off code to purchase the video. Thanks.

  • @Trake sorry about that, after a plugin update it doesn’t work in Chrome, please try Firefox or another browser, it will work then.

  • @William you will see AF-S if you shoot in one of the stills mode, try it there, you will be also be able to shoot video in that mode.

  • Dave, it also does not work in Safari. I tried MS Edge and received an error stating the website is unsafe.

  • Quick, friendly note Dave – first line under the title, says “I happy…” should be “I’m happy”


  • One thing you can do to solve the what you see is not what you get while shooting in stills mode, is to set the aspect ratio of stills to 16×9. Of course this means your photos will be shot in this ratio… But if you use M1 or M2 with that setting then you can switch into it while shooting video.

  • Nice idea but sorry to tell you that, but on the first video you fail already testing a camera detail with f11? really?

    I guess you are not teaching, you actually driving people believe you are right on what you teach, but you are so wrong in many aspect.

    This is not a hate comment, I just ask you to learn before you teach, please! There are million books (actually beginner books) to teach you what is the f stop sweet spot to test lens and camera detail, and you on your first PAYED lesson, I mean right on the first example of your course video you are using f11 to test the Sony… come one… please…

  • Will look at your A7RII course. But we shoot mostly video and just added an A7SII for stealth/low light situations. Do you have a ballpark ETA on your A7SII course?

  • @YesItsMe are you referring to the first video around the 1:00 mark? I was showing an example of how you can punch in to focus in the two different shooting modes. Did I say anything about sharpness or detail or testing the sweet spot of a lens? If so I would gladly clarify that.

  • @Dave the moment you say “does not look so good” you are analyzing the picture quality, actually I can tell the artifact you talking about where regarding the refraction of the lens, because you pushed it to f11 which is to much… Simple as that. I know you big fan of this industry but you nothing to lose if you read some books, what you see in internet not always is the right thing.

  • @YesItsMe ah I see what you are referring to. I was taking about the zoom feature not looking good at that magnification, not the quality of the lens. I apologize for the confusion.

  • Hey Dave, do you cover how to make the footage look like the photos it takes? I noticed the preview image looks wonderful in M mode but when I press record it immediately becomes flat?

  • @Dave I noticed the course says getting started in video course. Are you planning on making an advanced course or should I just find the gems in here, knowing it’s the only course on the camera you’ll make that pertains to level of film making?

  • I would love to see you make an advanced course.

    Maybe include something like follow you on a shoot for a day. What you’re doing for lenses, exposure, lighting, sound, focus/shooting, etc. Then back for post. A real world (made up for the course) scenario.