Did Sony make any subtle changes to the colors on the a7riii vs the a7rii?

My main question is, “Did Sony make any subtle changes to the colors on the Sony a7riii vs the a7rii?”

If you are the lead color scientist at Sony you have a delicate balance to make, you want to be constantly improving the colors but at the same time you are not allow to change them drastically because if one buys these two cameras for an interview shoot they expect them to match.

Answering my question can be a little tricky. I have to make sure all camera settings match, make sure the light does not change if I shoot them at different times, lenses can change the color so I have to make sure the lenses match in color or use the same lens in lighting that does not change.

Testing for changes in all colors is pretty time consuming, it is not only the hue but saturation, luminance, contrast, gamma curve and you have to look at all the color profiles. I mostly looked at blue water, green grass and skin tones.


  • Most of the Creative Styles like Standard are pretty close, the blue channel is a little different
  • The Picture Profiles like Slog2 seem to have a much larger shift in the blue channel
  • My results may be different if I were to try another set of cameras from Sony, so take with a grain of salt