Getting to know Slog3.

I’m starting to work on my Sony a7Sii course (now finished) and I am running tests on Slog3 since I have never used it before.

Slog2 and Slog3 is a very flat picture profile that allows you to get more dynamic range out of the camera.

I thought I would share this test which is my 5th test with Slog3 in terms of a high dynamic range.

Shot at 60FPS, 1080, ND filter, F8.0, 5700k -4 green, auto-focus on, most on Sony 70-200m f4. Opening shot on 35mm f2.8.

If you have a Sony a7Rii I have a course on that camera.

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  • Dave, so interesting! Well done. Do you think the extra work involved in shooting and grading log made a big difference in this case? Viewing this on my iPhone, I don’t see a significant margin.

  • We use the a7sii for shooting real estate videos, and one of the biggest challenges is to get at least a hint of the exterior exposure when shooting indoor with larger windows. The a7s seems to be better than most in its price range (non-raw) for having some good latitude and being able to color correct well in post. However one question that could be posed would be if its worth the effort, as Hugh also asks to shoot in slog3 in order to get just a bit less blowed out windows. The other option is to bring up the interior lighting with large lights, but they are often hard to hide and have a tendency to create hotspots when doing a moving shot of a room. Any opinion about this is appreciated. Great to be able to follow someone like yourself who happens to use the exact same camera.

  • nice. interesting stuff.

    a few things that would probably be useful to note.
    1. slog3 isn’t really designed for 8bit
    2. beyond a bit more dynamic range you can get a lot more saturation plus a lot more adjustment in any direction than with the processed standard before it gets wonky.
    3. the bigissue is each profile requires different expose to get the most out of it. To me it looks like your standard was over exposed a tad while logs were exposed properly which doesn’t really improve the dynamic range. This could also be my screen fooling me.
    I’ve found that slog on the a7s2 (8bit)seems to work best in a variety of situations when it’s over exposed by about 1-1.5 (2 stops max). And slog 3 on the FS5 (10bit) seems to want to be closer to 1 stop over. But with both of these cameras it’s a little hard to precisely nail the right amount of over exposure (especially only using their on board monitors). Once in comp I’ve noticed my FS5 footage tends to look about almost a full stop over what I thought the monitor was reading. The a7s2 monitor is much better and probably a bit more accurate and often I prefer it’s footage over the fs5. Luckily log gives you a bigger room for improvement or error, depending how you look at it.