OK, I know my course has been out for months now, but I forgot to announce it here on my blog

OK, I know my course has been out for months now, but I forgot to announce it here on my blog and perhaps some missed that I made a course on this camera.

My Sony a7Sii course is now available for streaming or download.

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Get the Highest Video Image Quality from your Sony a7Sii

In my 6 hour course I walk you through every menu item that relates to video to get the best image possible out of the powerful a7S Mark II camera. I explain each button and feature so you can get up to speed quickly from watching all the side-by-side comparisons.

a7sii course

Only $49

I personally own this camera, it’s a powerful frame camera with 4K video 5 axis stabilization and can pretty much see in the dark.

After watching all 6 hours of instruction you will have a complete understanding on how to operate this camera to capture the best video.

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Chapter List

  • Course Intro (what is covered and who this course is for)
  • What’s in the Box (description of each item and precautions, which items I use and which I don’t)
  • Recording your first video (exercise)
  • Tour around the Sony a7Sii & Customizing the buttons
  • Help with Avoiding Sony Menu Confusion
  • Camera Settings – Page 1 (aspect ratio, format for time lapse)
  • Camera Settings – Page 2 (codec’s compared, 8-bit at 4K, 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2 examples)
  • Camera Settings – Page 3 (Focus Modes AF-C, DMF, MF, Focus Area)
  • Camera Settings – Page 4 (AF Illumintor, Exposure Step, ISO, ISO Range)
  • Camera Settings – Page 5 (Metering, WB, DRO, Creative Styles, Picture Profiles)
  • Camera Settings – Page 6 (Zoom, Focus Magnifier, Smile/Face Dect.)
  • Camera Settings – Page 7 (Auto Mode, Scene Selection, Movie/HFR
  • Camera Settings – Page 8 (SteadyShot, Audio Recording, Audio Rec Level)
  • Camera Settings – Page 9 (Audio Out Timing, Wind noise, Memory)
  • Custom Settings – Page 1 (Zebras, MF Assist, Grid lines, Marker Display and Settings)
  • Custom Settings – Page 2 (Exposure Set Guide, Audio level, DISP Btn, Peaking Color)
  • Custom Settings – Page 3 (Zoom Settings, compare Optical, ClearImage & Digital)
  • Custom Settings – Page 4 (Release without card)
  • Custom Settings – Page 5 (using silent shooting, Face Registration)
  • Custom Settings – Page 6 (APS-C/Super35mm vs Full Frame)
  • Custom Settings – Page 7 (dail setup)
  • Wireless – Page 1 (NFC, does Airplane mode really save on battery life?)
  • Wireless – Page 2 (I don’t spend that much time on the wireless menu)
  • Apps (Which Apps I use and for what shooting situations)
  • Playback – Page 1 (View mode, using slideshow for review footage)
  • Playback – Page 2 (How Protect does not protect your images if you format)
  • Setup – Page 1 (Monitor Brightness recommendations, How to shoot totally silently)
  • Setup – Page 2 (Display quality and battery life, Pwr Save)
  • Setup – Page 3 (NTSC/PAL, Cleaning Mode, Timecode uses, Remote Ctrl, HDMI Settings)
  • Setup – Page 4 (USB Connection, USB Power)
  • Setup – Page 5 (Format, file numbering and folders)
  • Setup – Page 6 (DB, Display Media Info, Body and lens Firmware versions, Resetting)
  • Pros and Cons for shooting movies in Stills Mode or Movie Mode
  • Exposure Intro
  • How to control exposure
  • Shutter Speed (motion blur and brightness, green screen,)
  • Judder (what is it and what shutter speed and frame rate works best for pans)
  • Shooting for slow motion (recommendations for smooth slow motion)
  • ISO (how to get the cleanest images when shooting at a high ISO)
  • Aperture (recommendations for for f-stop to use)
  • One Stop Relationships (how to quickly change your exposure by one stop)
  • Tools for setting Exposure (histogram, zebras, punching in, etc.)
  • Exposing out in the field examples (when to protect highlights and when not to)
  • White Balance (when to use the presets indoors and what to use outside)
  • How to Custom White Balance (when to balance for middle grey or white)
  • Three ways to set White Balance (speed vs accuracy)
  • Contrast (Creative Style Contrast Levels Compared and recommendations)
  • Saturation (Creative Style Saturation Levels Compared and recommendations)
  • Sharpness (Creative Style Sharpness Levels Compared and recommendations)
  • Each Creative Style Contrast Curves compared and recommendations
  • Each Creative Style compared at the same saturation level
  • Slog Picture Profile *Start of Advanced Section
  • Exposing Slog for the best results and dynamic range
  • When higher ISO is cleaner than lower ISO
  • Compare all PP in different lighting
  • Compare Slog2 vs Slog3 (I spend more time on Slog2 than Slog3)
  • Compare all color modes
  • Apply technical LUT using PPro & Resolve
  • Grade Slog without LUT
  • Matt Scott grades Slog
  • Knee, Detail, Black Levels
  • Recap of Slog
  • Exercise to improve your Slog grading
  • Lens adapters
  • Fly-by-wire focus, pros and cons of using native Sony glass
  • Benefits on Sony Native Glass
  • Sony Glass Abbreviations
  • Tour of my lenses
  • Manual focus without peaking
  • Manual focus with peaking turned on
  • Punching in to focus
  • Focus using zoom
  • Peaking in 4K vs 1080 is there a difference
  • DMF focus issues (using stills mode for video
  • Using Face Detection and registration faces
  • AF vs Manual focus peaking test
  • Goodbye