Too pricey for me but a fun camera to use.

Price of the Sony a9 is too high for me, but I wanted to try it out to see what will be coming next in the Sony a9S or a7Sii. This is not a comprehensive review.

I had some questions that are more hidden below the surface that perhaps other reviews didn’t look.

  1. Color? Has Sony made a new color changes with the a9? They seem to have raised the middle grey for the Standard Creative Style which matches what Canon does. The a9 seems slightly less saturated than the a7rii and a6500. But the colors seem to match up very closely to the a7rii and the a6500. See my Color Matching Course Here
  2. Crop vs FF? FF seems to be slightly cleaner than crop mode at high ISO’s. It is noticeable if you pixel peep for awhile but not as drastic as the a7rii crop vs ff mode where crop is so much cleaner in noise and aliasing as well
  3. AF-C? Did they change the algorithm for auto focus. No, but you can see the a9 additional focus points around the edges of the frame work better. I did notice that the AF speed for movies felt very different when using the same settings as the a6500. To match the performance when shooting a lot of swimming I had to increase the drive speed from normal to fast in order to keep up with the a6500 at normal drive speed.
  4. Touch screen better? The touch screen responsiveness seem to be about the same. But I noticed that the near object for the a9 was not nailing the focus all the way as seen in the video.
  5. When it overheats does the image quality degrade? no it does not seem to
  6. Aliasing at 4k, 1080 60fps and 120fps? At 4k both crop and FF look equal and free of aliasing. At 60fps both look good. 120fps looks pretty bad you get nasty aliasing and color issues add to the detail. Comparing 60 vs 120, 60 looks great. 4k looks great and 60 is pretty good and 120 not so good, but FF and crop seem to be actually the same. Comparing the a6500 to the a9 at 4k the a6500 is slightly sharper. However at 60fps the a9-crop looks really clean compared to the a6500. At 120fps they haveĀ  different issues, the a9 has added color issues/softness and the a6500 no color issues but too much detail and aliasing.

Things I liked

  • Bigger battery
  • Shooting in crop or FF in good lighting conditions and not having to worry about quality, Assigning crop/ff mode to a custom button
  • 20fps nice for dives
  • My Menu, solves a lot of headaches
  • Nipple to control AF location
  • Tiny but when you pull the screen out the eye sensor is disabled (also on a6500 but not a7rii)
  • Assigning the shutter to start a movie was nice but I stopped using it because it would mess with my AF because of a half shutter press
  • Shoot in 4k and the screen does not dim, nice!
  • I like that it does not crop or dim the screen at 120fps like the a6500 does

Don’t like

  • No Slog, I have it in my RX100V, does that mean the rv100 mark 6 will not have it?
  • I don’t like all the locks on the left dial