Someone on Vimeo requested I do a video on my Vegas file settings - so here it is.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

Someone at Vimeo requested I do a video on my Vegas file settings – so here it is.

As for Baseline which in the video I didn’t know what it was, here is the proper definition to some of them from Wikipedia in the profiles section.

Constrained Baseline Profile (CBP) Primarily for low-cost applications that require additional data loss robustness, this profile is used in some videoconferencing and mobile applications. This profile includes all features that are supported in the Constrained Baseline Profile, plus three additional features that can be used for loss robustness (or for other purposes such as low-delay multi-point video stream compositing). The importance of this profile has faded somewhat since the definition of the Constrained Baseline Profile in 2009. All Constrained Baseline Profile bitstreams are also considered to be Baseline Profile bitstreams, as these two profiles share the same profile identifier code value.

Main Profile (MP) This profile is used for standard-definition digital TV broadcasts that use the MPEG-4 format as defined in the DVB standard. It is not, however, used for high-definition television broadcasts, as the importance of this profile faded when the High Profile was developed in 2004 for that application.

Sony Vegas MainConcept Settings


  • hey,this is off the subject…I hope you dont mind…when Im shooting my cam…it shut its off after 23:oo is that I need a bigger long do the 550 actually shoot for anyway.As always love your videos.I look forward to the next can send me an email if you

  • Great post Dave! I just started looking for help on this yesterday. I have uploaded other clips to Vimeo in the past done from an HDV camera and they came out perfect. Did my first T2i clip and it is clear, but choppy due to some sort of frame rate conversion. I am going to apply theses in the .mp4 format rather than the .wmv (windows media 9 format) that I used for the HDV cameras. I will post the results.

    Thanks again for the help,

    – Michael

  • @shalah, I think the T2i shuts off after 12 minutes of video. I have not tested this yet. I think Canon does this because of overheating issues.

    @Movielighter, Let me know all your settings once you have it up on Vimeo, I would like to learn what others are trying.

  • Hey Dave, great video series you’ve got going here. I’ve got a question for you; are you
    trans-coding your clips before editing in Vegas? If so what program would you recommend for trans-coding. I can’t seem to get the video to play within Vegas with the .mov files, but the audio works fine.

    Thanks for the help, and keep up the good work!


  • @Casey, I am not adding that extra step. I am guessing your issue is your computer is running out of RAM. How much ram do you have?

  • Interesting. I have that problem sometimes when I bring too many videos clips in to the timeline all at the same time. I thought it was a RAM issue.

  • oops , I have been walking with you till now, unfortunately I use FCP and you seems to drift towards 550D+Vegas 🙁

  • Hi! I am using the Sony AVC codec for rendering the videos I shot with my 550D. You must definitely check it out! And about that how long our camera can shoot a video… The MAX filesize on FAT32 filesystem is 4GB. And the T2i uses FAT32. Considering the bitrate of 330MB/sec it means exactly 12 minutes.
    Btw… Thanks for this site, Dave! The idea is great!

  • hey dave you answered me back…I have been studing in class hard thanks for the info.A friend gave me sony vagus…I will have a tone of questions I did not think you would answer me…dont know what I was thinking…you are SAINT

  • Hey Dave, thanks for all this info its coming in handy!

    I have a question similiar to Casey’s, but when I drag in the .MOV files that I just imported straight from the cam(without trans-coding) it plays all choppy and, like Casey, I have plenty of RAM and my machine is great for editing…but the .MOV files are really bein a nuisance, any help?

  • @Nathanael, .MOV or AVCHD are both going to look choppy in the preview window. It does on mine too. I think it is because the computer has to work really hard at compression encoding will files like AVI are fine because they require no un-compression on the fly.

    You can use a free tool call cineform I think it is called to pre-render them so it will preview smoothly. I have not tried this. It adds an annoying extra step that I am too lazy to do and I have learned over the years to use the shift+b shortcut to render my transitions to RAM to see if I have them right before rendering the entire video.

  • I am enjoying your site. I’ve had a 5d2 for about year, but only started shooting video with it recently. I’ve also picked up a T2i and love the size, weight and price! I’ve been shooting it with an old Pentax screw-mount 50mm/1.4 lens — great inexpensive low light/shallow depth of field combination.

    The choppy preview is due to the fact that the cameras us internet friendly, but editor-unfriendly h264 compression. MPEG Streamclip is the free transcoding software I think you are thinking of. Neoscene Cineform (?) is a commercial program, but worth the price from what I read. Another option is the Epic I plug-in that substitutes edit friendly proxy files for the MOV files while you edit, and then you switch back to the originals to render.

    The time limit is caused by the fact that 4gb is the maximum size individual MOV file that the camera can create and save to the card. That works out to be 12 minutes at 1080, longer at lower resolutions.

    Here is my favorite T2i movie that I have seen to date — Philip Bloom sets the bar very high!

    Thanks for the site!

  • @Andy, that Epic plugin looks really nice, have you tried it yet. I might have to play with that on my current project. $45 small price to pay if it really works.

    Right now it is not working on the 64 bit version of Vegas (which is what I use). I guess I can wait until they have that fixed.

  • Hey there Dave! Nice stuff. I posted a comment on your youtube video as well. I do think that transcoding these files beforehand makes for a much more pleasant user experience in Vegas. The timeline doesn’t appear choppy and everything works in real-time. The t2i’s native .mov files simply don’t play nicely with non-linear video editing programs. Check out my video for transcoding t2i files. I also wrote a tutorial on my blog. This could be a solution for your readers who are having troubles with the files in Vegas.

    Canon freely admits that these files don’t play nicely in non-linear video editing programs and they themselves have produced a video suggesting transcoding beforehand using MPEG Streamclip (although their tutorial is geared for FCP users).

  • @Eric, thanks for the tips. I have high hopes for the Epic Vegas plug-in for 64bit which should be coming out shortly that will eliminate this time consuming step.

  • Will the Epic plugin work with Sony Vegas Platinum? I don’t see any reference to that on their site. For those of us on a budget, Sony Vegas Pro might be out of reach – or just plain overkill. Why spend hundreds if you just want to be able to add some subtitles, easy transitions or perhaps an audio envelope which can easily be done with the lesser versions of Vegas?

    For those people, transcoding to an appropriate intermediate format might be the only option. Not only that, but the transcoding process really isn’t that time-consuming. It’s an easy process and doesn’t result in any visual quality loss so it really is a viable option.

    The Epic plugin does sound appealing to me as it only seems obvious that there will be less loss if rendering from the original file. But if it doesn’t work with the lesser versions of Vegas then it would be useless to me.

    A larger obstacle to transcoding (for many people) is not the time – it’s the size of the files. Using the highest quality settings w/ the Avid DNxHD codec, the resulting intermediate files are about 4 times bigger than the original files.

  • Hello, I find this by google .. .and I have too problems with my vegas 9e (64bit) and footage from 550d…. and the problem is that in one moment the picture’s gone… I have only sound and black screen… is there way to fix it…. Thanks

  • HEY… I have movie studio 9 pro.Can you get me some info on how to render in mpeg4 HD format.iM BEATING MY HEAD ON A WALL NOTHING IS WORKING.Please help me.

  • I use vegas studio plat 9.0 amd convert my hd files (mov,mp4) to avi before editing in “studio” using winFF (freeware) be sure to use 29.97 fps I don’t think it likes anything higher but I might be wrong.

  • Hi Dave,
    Really appreciate you’re site, has helped me so much since picking up my 550D.
    Just have a question regarding the ‘force/disable resample option’ at the end of the video. You say you choose the option for ‘force resample’, but on screen the ‘disable resample’ option is checked. By default, my videos have been checked as ‘smart resample’. A little confused here as to what option I should run with, and why?

  • Hi guys, if your camera stops recording after 12 miniutes its because you do not have a good enough sd card for it to work sufficiently you need to be looking at a class 6 or above i use class 10(no problems) and I have a question for dave……What would be a good lense to buy for video and photography for my t2i, at the moment i just have the kit lense. Thanks, Bobby age 16 from Scotland

  • @Sami are you using the exact same settings as i did in my tutorial?

    Yes i am. Only difference was that i shooted 1080p and then rendered to 720p. Do you really shoot 720p 24fps because you had those in your project settings? I dont have such option in my camera as 720p and 24fps. Only 50fps when shooting 720p..

  • @Sami no sometimes I shoot at 1080 24 and get pretty much the same look.

    But do you have the option in your camera such as 720p/24fps?

  • Hey Dave,
    Unlike most people when i preview my videos in sony vegas, my videos dont look choppy.
    Should i still recode with Stream Clip 1.2?

  • soo….i shoot at 1080p 30fps… rendering in ur settings except of course 1080 and 29.blahblah is in the correct spot do these setting allow for youtube upload…i got great quality out of .avi but youtube wont accept it…it uploads to 100% but fails to convert properly.

  • Bit of a newbie question maybe…only got the 550D a week ago. How did you build the custom profile? I mean, is the output going to be AVI, MP4, neither?

    Also you mentioned that sometimes you shoot 1080p and sometimes 720p – doesn’t the former create much bigger files? When and why do you shoot one or the other?


  • Hi Dave..

    I’m from argentina and i just get started in video editing…. I bought a Canon Eos Rebel T2i and i have some issues when i import my vids to Sony Vegas… First the Preview Window is completely black, and in the time line i have a black preview frame, the only thing that runs is the sound.

    please if you have the answer, answer me trough here or my e-mail

    From Argentina- Felipe

  • Processor: AMD 64 x2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.70 GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Sistem: 64 bits
    Graphic: Nvidia GeForce GT 220 1gb

    Thank you very much for your quick reply

  • Perfect then.. And thank you very very much!!!

    So im going to buy the new McBook Pro.. I hope that’s ok..

    And why in Sony Vegas Movie Studio the video shows but the preview window jumps from frame 1 to 15 and from 15 to 89 and so on………

  • @Dave

    I want to know if I buy a McBook Pro Is ok to edi full HD videos, from mi Eos rebel t2i

    2.0GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz
    500GB 5400-rpm1
    Intel HD Graphics 3000
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5

  • is this will work also for yotube hd rendering? how do i get this good look for my youtbe channel?

  • Hi dave, I got a D5000 and it shots at 24p, when I render it? should I set the frame rate to 24 Film or 23.976 IVTC Film?
    thanks a lot.