3rd party battery wins

UPDATE: see part the conclusion here.

I needed some Sony NP style batteries for a new LED edge light I got and for my Atomos Shogun as well, so in this video I compare the genuine Sony NP-F970 vs the Watson NP-F975 that is sold on B&H.

The Watson is half the price and has better specs. The Watson beat the Sony battery by almost 30 minutes!


  • Doug, I apologize for this post in advance: Would you please improve your nearly flawless presentations by pronouncing genuine: gen u in. There is no wine in it. Sorry.

  • Hi Dave,

    Great review as always…
    Sorry, just wondering if you could provide the name of the new LED light you have next to you (?). Possible review? Thx so much!

  • Hi Dave,

    I have three of the Watson batteries and their pins definitely do come out after a while – which is a pity since they work great otherwise.

    The pins usually remain on your charger or whatever device you were using. Try not to loose it and it is an easy fix with a touch of glue.

    I don’t use the Watson batteries on the FS700 just in case the pins come loose and get stuck inside the battery mount.

  • I have been really impressed with the S-8972
    SONY L Series DV Camcorder Battery from swit. Lasts ages capturing 4K on the shogun from my A7s, has an led power level indicator which is really handy and has a build in power tap female pin that is bi directional. In a pinch I can charge the battery through this (although it’s a lot slower than the dual charger from swit) and with a p tap cable I can use it to power certain LED lights by just plugging it in and velcroing the battery to the back of the light.