Heliopan 72-77mm
Sensei PRO 72-77mm Brass
B+W 72-77mm
Vu Filters 72-77mm
Tiffen 72-77mm
Sensei PRO 72-77mm
Cavision 72 to 77mm
Sensei 72-77mm
Bower 72-77mm


  • Thanks for putting this comparison together. I’ve purchased many step up rings, from many of the same brands in this comparison, and I’ve found that the brass ones are more reliable than the aluminum. That said, I think $30 – $50 for a simple ring of brass is too much, so I have mostly aluminum rings. I am careful not to over-tighten them.

    Note: I always run a dull pencil on the threads of my step-up rings before applying them to my lenses. This lubricates the threads with graphite, which helps keep them from getting stuck.

    I’ve had the same problem with the native lens hood being incompatible with the ND-filter-stepup-ring combo. My solution was to buy some cheap rubber lens hoods that screw onto the front threads of the ND filter (beware: some ND filters don’t have front threads). These hoods are flexible and act like a front bumper to protect the lens. They also bend back onto themselves into a smaller size for storage.