Here is a guest post I did for Robert Grant of Learn My Shot.

I ran across a site recently while studying how to improve my stock photography and stock videos that was really helpful so I started commenting on their site to learn more. After a while they looked at my videos and they asked if I wanted to do a guest post for them. I was honored and I told them I was testing out different lighting to compare the differences and I would like to do a video on that. Below is the guest post I did for Learn My Shot (run by Robert Grant and Sasha Gitin). I just want to thank them for allowing me to post it here as well.

Definitely check out their site if you are into photography and you are on a tight budget.

My Tutorial

Clamp Light

Clamp Light Flatware for

Halogen Light

Halogen Light Flatware for

Please watch Robert do an excellent job in his tutorial.

Robert’s Tutorial


  • After decades of using BRONCOLOR strobes for my photo shots, I got involved with video
    and I discovered the most fantastic, raw lighting system for video in my personal opinion
    LOWEL, with its model DP, Not too expensive us $ 180 per head but you have control,
    accessories, Heat is an issue in this halogen light, but this LOWEL DP is very well designed
    for comfort

  • @Felipe Thanks for the link, I have some Lowel lights that I am borrowing and they are pretty good, does this one have control over the beam of light?

  • Yes they have a huge control over the beam, as I said the control that this particular model
    has is great, and the DP has a younger brother the OMNI, that is a little smaller, lighter,
    but has a very similar design, Most of the time use the DP over the OMNIS because of
    the potency 1000 watts , with the Dichroic Filter you can use it mixed with sun light outdoors
    at large distances, and if the distance is too long just use two of them.
    I personally think that other models from LOWEL are not as comfortable as DP and OMNI,
    However considering the PROLIGHT