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Canon 5D Mark III Getting Started in Video

6d Canon 6D Getting Started in Video Dave with t5i 700d Canon T5i/700D Getting Started in Video Dave

Canon T4i/650D Getting Started in Video

Dave Canon T3i/600D Getting Started in Video  

Unsolicited Testimonials

"Dave, I took your course on the T5i a few months ago and it was incredibly helpful, thank you so much! I also learned a lot from your other video clips." - Ed

"Hi Dave, I must say AWSOME video training!!! Ive only watched about an hour or so (5D Mark III), so far but its done perfectly for training especially slow learners like me.  You make a good teacher! I shall recommend this to others and happily comment on your website soon. Thankyou!!!" - Craig

"I'm almost speechless. You're first time learning video series on the Canon t3i is so well put together! I can imagine the editing time as massive. Well done! Btw, I would have paid $100 had I known it was this good." - Ken

"I have been through several of the videos and have found your training course absolutely brilliant." - Gayleen

"Just bought your Canon T4i beginner's course, and I wanted to send a quick e-mail and express how happy I am with the course. I really like your delivery style, the examples, and the material choices. Thank you so much!" - Ben

"Using the British Pound, I wasn’t entirely sure just how much your programme cost me when I bought it (learning dslr video for 650d).  Anyway - after processing my end of year accounts the other day I realised it was by far one of the most cost effective online products I bought throughout the year!
Not only that, but it has been really, really helpful to me.  I’m now a digital marketer, and I really wanted to learn how to produce video, fast and effectively.  Your course did an awful lot to put me in the right place!  So thank you very much. You have a great way to teach too!  Your enthusiasm and method is fantastic, I’ve watched more than my fair share of online video’s over the past 18 months, but yours is the best." - Neil

"Just finished the course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it to be extremely helpful in getting to know my new camera." Aaron

"Dave, I just started going through your Cannon Rebel T5i course, it is a great way for me to learn more about how to get the most out of this camera, THANK YOU!" - Ed

"Thanks for the Canon 700D course. It was very clear and understandable. Even for a dutchman. Will follow some additional courses for sure." Rolf

"My 600D arrived today and I needed to get up to speed on it extremely quickly; your course has been perfect for that. Yes I will read the manual eventually but I learn best from videos. Well worth the money. Invaluable. Thank you once again." Leon C.

"I just bought your EOS 6D video course and all I can say is -  Excellent!Your humility and openness as well as your willingness to share is both inspiring and tremendously humbling. Thanks so much for simply being you" - Dave Dugdale! Theo

"I have now finished your 5DmkIII course and I honestly LOVED it.. I've been doing this for a while now myself (btw, I have an audio background as well)  so a lot of the stuff I did already know, but there was plenty I learned from your course!!  The way it was put together was very easy to follow, & the 4 hours flew by.. Please do more advanced stuff!!  I will gladly continue to take your courses." -rejean

"What a fantastic set of training video’s, I’ve been riveted for 4 hours and learned a ton! Thanks so much for making them, best 39 bucks (or in my case 24 quid) I’ve ever spent." Andy

"You have your own style and it's perfect. There's this great sincere & humble energy about you when you're reviewing products, or when you're teaching your courses." - Al

"Course is amazing, going to watch the exposure chapter a few times, really helpful, thanks!"

"Just purchased your 5D III course on Black Friday and I'm about halfway through it...LOVE IT!  Can't thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into your videos." Jeb

"I bought your course about the 700D and I love it." Roland

"You made me feel good about my purchase, as my need to get into Video came about rather urgently (I needed a quick way to make some "professional" YouTube channels for a few artist/musician channels)." Stephen

"I recently completed your online course for the 5d Mark iii, and I'd just like to say thank you. It was an excellently concise yet thorough guide to using the 5d iii for video and I am streaks ahead of where I would have been without your help. I am a trained multimedia journalist and I have a lot of experience in using HD television cameras, but I recently started my own video production business and wanted to use DSLRs for my productions. Purchasing the 5D iii has proven a very good choice, but it would have taken me substantially longer to familiarize myself with the camera had I not also purchased your course." - Elliot

"I really appreciated your 6D tutorial, found it definitely worth the money and am really having fun diving into DSLR video shooting." John

"I recently learned about Dave Dugdale's website, While there I learned he has a 4-hour tutorial on using the Canon T4i (and other cameras) for video. Most Canon tutorials deal with photography and the camera manual is photo-centric, but I wanted to learn how to use the T4i for video. Dave's tutorial is only about using the T4i for video. At first I was torn about paying $39 to watch his 4 hour course. After all, I already had experience with cameras and camcorders, so would I really learn anything from that course? The answer is YES. Holy cow, that tutorial was amazing! He covers every button and menu on the camera and goes deep into discussions of exposure, WB, and focus. The goal of his tutorial is to get you up and running quickly with using the T4i for video, and he delivers on that goal. Yes you can crawl through the manual and eventually "get there", but he SHOWS you how to do things in a simple and easy to understand manner. At the end of the course he "pulls it all together" during a video shoot and walks you through his steps. He has tutorials for most of the Canon DSLR line, maybe other cameras too. If you have a DSLR and want to learn how to use it to shoot video, I can't recommend this course strongly enough!!" Ron

"New to DSLR video and your course saved my butt, and hours of learning time. Thanks very much. Love your relaxed style." Don

"I bought it a couple days later (after OKing it with the wife lol) and have gone through it twice already. You keep it nice and slow and always make sure to fully explain something before moving on. I really appreciate that! I just wanted to tell you that I loved your tutorials and I really learned a lot from them. You seem like an awesome guy and I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Keep up the good work!" Brock

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your training video on the Rebel T5i.  I just got around to browsing your site and watching the bonus videos as well, and I appreciate your time and effort in creating such helpful videos for a beginning dslr video user as myself."  Todd

"I just want to let you know that your T3i course is awesome! :) I bought it yesterday and watched through most of it in one sitting. It was very easy to watch and understand. It's clear that you put a lot of work into it." - Anthony M

"I learned answers to questions that I have had for months! I didn't think I would learn so much really but Boy i certainly did! Thank you soo much for all the help!" - David

"Your course has been a great help to me! Thanks!" - Moises

"I just got through first watch your Canon 6D video courses. I liked it a lot. You really provided tons of information; in fact I think that I probably need to browse this through few times before I can digest it all.." - Pasi J.

“Just started the course! Fan Frikin Tastic!” 6D Reel Sisters Colorado

"I found it very helpful." Jemery

"You did a fantastic job and have given me a great head start not only with the 6D but with understanding video DSLR. I loved your video production at the end! It was the icing on the cake and it was so helpful to see how it all comes together. You are a great teacher." - Avril

"It was really helpful, as I'm just a beginner. It saved a lot of my time." - Janardhan

Training course is fantastic! U should all have a look at it." - Michelangelo

"600D tutorial was a great help" - Mark

"Great work. Much appreciated. HUGE help." - Scott

"Thanks so much Dave. This is terrific. I've learned much more than I thought I would." - Elain

"I have been watching your YouTube Channel for sometime and have expressed my desire to purchase a DSLR Camera to my family. Yesterday, I got my first DSLR Canon T5i for Father's Day. I immediately purchased your tutorial video and parked it front of my computer for the entire time. Now, I am practicing all the things in your tutorial. First, thank you for such a detailed tutorial. I knew nothing about DSLRs and I feel like I know a lot more now thanks to you. I really liked the video of when you put the camera to work and filmed that little suspense clip. It did really put everything together." - Steve

"I've recently purchased a 6d, having been very new to photography and videography, and your online reviews and tutorials have been immeasurably helpful in demystifying the photography world. Thanks so much." Tim P.

"I am a total DSLR beginner and just picked up your course!! Amazing! Easy to follow and very detailed. Definitely recommend this to ANYONE!" - Bluesman

"Just finished your video course on T4i/650D. Gotta say it made a lot of difference. I feel really comfortable with the camera considering that I only have had it for a week."

"I learned a lot with you and yes, you saved me months of testing and experimenting with the camera." Quéli F.

"I'm really happy with the guidance and as a newbie it has accelerated my knowledge curve and given me the confidence boost I needed to produce quality video. I've just completed watching all the videos and am pleased they'll be available for reference whilst I gain competency." Ray James

"Just wanted to say thank you. The value I got from watching your T3i course was so much greater than what I paid." - Laszlo

"And yes, I confirm, I bought the T4i Tutorial from Dave and it's a great stuff." Oliver

"I just got your t3i course and I really love it, I learned a lot. Thanks." - David

"I purchase your 6D class and I'm loving it." - Jack

"By the way, I got your T4i class for my dad last year, and haven't answered a camera question since! Easily worth 4x the price :-P" - Mark.

"I just gotta tell ya…I'm absolutely loving this tutorial…I've learned so much in just a few days it's crazy…Especially with exposure…I'm a MulticameraTV Director, and usually have Video Shaders do this for me…never took the time to really delve into it until now…" - Curt

"Hello Dave. Just completed your course on the Canon 700D. Very helpful and insightful course explained simply. I'm new to DSLRs and primarily want to use for video here in the UK. Your course has helped me to get plenty of vital info into my head and most importantly it has achieved it quickly. Your easy-to-watch style also makes it enjoyable as well as educational to follow. Will recommend! In fact, I just have :-) gadgets and wheels."

"Thank you so much for your T3i course. Excellent info, and delivered at a very affordable price." Zack

"I am finding your videos on the T3i AWESOME to say the least." - Paul

"Great job on the video, if you didn't already know that." - Jeff

"I went from being afraid to open the box of my Canon t3i (it was in my closet for 2 weeks!) to being comfortable with the basics very quickly due to your tutorials. It was WELL worth the minimal charge. - Danielle

"A huge thanks for the thorough T5i training! It has saved me a ton of time, headaches and mistakes. I feel like I know the camera inside and out. I'm a long time video producer/director who is just now getting into DSLR video. Your videos were the best $40 I've spent. Thanks!" - David

"My wife purchased your DSLR T5i course last night which is excellent, very worthwhile!" - Dan