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Do you shoot and edit your own to camera interviews, testimonals, weddings, corparate videos? Having a hard time matching up to cameras when shooting a two camera interview? Spending so much time matching that you are not getting any editing done?

This is a technical course which is 100% scientific and 0% artistic. I will never say I am moving this control because it "feels right". I use scientific methods that you can watch and learn and most importantly repeat yourself. You will be able to match two cameras without being a professional colorist.

My workflow only takes about 8 minutes to match two different cameras for an interview.

I match Sony to Canon in this course but you can use this workflow for any other camera combination.

This is an advanced course, I expect you to own two cameras because you might do a lot of interviews. You will need to know how to read waveform and vectorscopes.

This course uses Davinci Resolve (free version), however I will show you how to create a lut from Resolve that can be applied in Premiere Pro or Finalcut.

How close can we get matching cameras? I aim for a Delta E of less than 2, which means that most people will not see a difference between the two camera.

While this course is primary about matching two cameras, I will be talking about the major difference between Sony and Canon.

Required Course Material: X-rite Colorchecker Passport Video (about $120).

Course running time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Level: Advanced

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Table of Contents

Matching Cameras

    Course Intro
    Match #1 (Match Sony a7Rii Standard Creative Style to Canon Standard Picture Style)
    Match #2 (Match Sony a7Rii Cine1 to Canon Standard Picture Style)
    Match #3 (Match Sony a7Rii Slog2 to Canon Standard Picture Style)
    Match #4 (Match Sony a7Rii Standard CS to Canon Standard Picture Style - actual interview)
    Exposing the Chart (also how to avoid getting chart errors)
    Creating a LUT and Data Levels (what to avoid when transfer a LUT to Premiere Pro)
    Can I create a Generic LUT from a match?
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Not Covered

What is not covered:

This is not a course on how to use BlackMagic's Davinci Resolve, I expect you to know how to read a waveform and vectorscope.

This is not a course on how to shoot video with your Canon or Sony camera, however I do have other courses.