Up my sports shooting

Up Front Disclaimer: Summit Photography Workshops (Clarkson Creative) allowed me to attend this sports workshop free of charge and they have purchased banner advertising on my site before. As I rule I don’t take anything for free, but it is hard to return knowledge gained from a workshop and I really wanted to meet Dave Black.

Love these cameras because you can shoot both stills and movies. I find inspiration from studying good photographers like Dave Black.  My goal for this workshop was to up my game for summer swim league pictures.

3 Photo Critics

  • I came mostly because of Dave Black I love his images and I knew he was going to be a great teacher.
  • The best part of the workshop is the critics. This is where I learn the most.
  • We would all shoot at many diff events with the instructors.
  • The next day after shooting in the morning they would have you submit 3 photos. No one knows who’s photos are being displayed.
  • They would give good feedback on where the photo could use improvement.
  • If you needed to improve a lot they wouldn’t ask who’s it was.
  • I was lucky they asked about mine two of the days.
  • Since these are editorial they don’t allow you to move pixels around.
  • On the second day of shooting instructor Andrew Hancock was next to me making suggestions on cleaning up the background. But still my background was still not clean. So that night when making some some curves adjustment I was like, “Let see how good Andrew is”, so I used Photoshop and cleaned up the background (I don’t do editorial work). I didn’t think he would catch it a day later. To me the image was not done, I wanted to finish it.
  • During the critic sure enough the editors gave me a nod and asked who’s photo it was.
  • When the lights came up at the end of the session on my way out I could see Andrew smiling, “You used Photoshop didn’t you?” I said, “Wow you are good, you caught me.” These guys have an incredible eye.
  • The critics are good, you begin to hear them in your head as you shoot.


  • 1,000’s of great sports photographers, they had about 10 of some really great ones, you have all seen their images, probably more than you realize, when watching their presentations I kept saying, “Yep I seen that one before too.”
  • Sponsored by Nikon. I think I was the only Sony shooter and I think two others had Canon.


  • Come from all over, two from Australia
  • Thanks to Mel Lyons for letting me use some of her images in this video.
  • Some of the students are amazing photos.