Two item review.

Disclaimer: B&H gave me this item for free in exchange for this review, I am being as fair as I can be with this review.

Impact Background Support System

Impact White 10’x12′ Muslin

I have been reviewing several Impact brand items the past few months and was surprised by the good quality, I guessed I saved this to last because I well… just watch the video.

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  • Lol that was to funny Dave. Did you laugh while editng this. Any way, I love how you filmed this review with the nice close up cut aways. As usual great job. Oh and I use the same bright green clamps from Home Depot.

  • Great review! Now i know i won’t buy this stand. You should have your own “comic review show” after seeing the end of the video 🙂 Great work!

  • Ah that’s to bad. You made me laugh though. (let us know what B&H says)

    Since your Black screen video I’ve been looking around at different backdrop kits.

    Would you choose a black sheet or a black muslin if you were to do it again?

    I can get a king size sheet for $20 or a 10’x20′ black muslin for $39. I’ve never used muslin before. Is it durable?

  • @John-Mark I am currently using a king size black sheet I got from Target for like $7. I am not an interior designer or anything but that sheet seems thicker to me that the muslin I reviewed. Just don’t wash it, you want it as black as possible and will not allow light to pass through it (thicker). You want it to see “soft” so it doesn’t reflect light too.

  • That’s what I thought. Good tip on not washing it. The washer would wear the threads out. I hadn’t thought of that.

    Looks like I’m off to Target…

    Thanks Dave

  • Ouch. I was getting ready to order one of these. Thanks for the review; you may have saved me a C-note.

  • Zing! Thanks for the objective look. I’ve been considering 10′ backdrops, but didn’t know about clamping to the poles, so if I do that, I’ll be sure to get a 10′ stand.

  • @John-Mark I think so, but the muslin is pretty thin so it might not hold. However if you had a foam backed background it should work, but I am not sure the poles would take the extra weight.

  • Thanks for the reply Dave.

    If I may ask yet another question.

    I was looking at the links Gary posted and noticed that some of the people were using paper backgrounds. I guess they have a 30-40′ roll that’s 9′ wide.
    Have you ever seen this done? In theory it sounds like it would be wrinkle free. (But theory doesn’t always match reality)

    It seems like it would be a good option for a studio set up but not so much for mobile work.

    Thanks for your thoughts,

  • @John-Mark I have done rolls of paper before but on a much smaller scale. While they do offer wrinkle free performance but they are kind of wasteful – but again I don’t have that much experience with them.

  • Paper works well for me doing still photography where one can clean up any problems in Photoshop. I have not shot much video. It is fairly inexpensive and available in several widths and colors. I also like washable white vinyl baclgrounds. A little more expensive but nice to use.


  • Of course of you have a couple of nice c-stands just hanging about you could buy just the cross bar for about $45 and save a little.

  • @Gary

    So do you roll out a section and cut it or do you use it like a scroll?
    Do you use it for more than one shoot? Is it like butcher paper (heavy weight) or is it real thin like copy paper?

    I found that I can buy a roll 40’x9′ for $50+$40 SH.
    I wanted it for green screen work.
    Right now I use fabric from Wal-Mart. The problem is I have to iron it to remove the wrinkles and it needs to be sewn together to make it large. +its not inexpensive.

    I’m trying to shoot a small car on a green screen similar to the video Dave shared a couple days ago.(just to get some experience)
    I’ve got a building with 12′ ceilings and I though I’d just hang something against the wall to get good coverage.

    Thanks for any ideas.

  • I’ve got stage lighting stands that hold a lot of weight. 100-150lbs. I am just going to get some galvanized conduit and attach between them for a mobile solution. They’ve got a 12′ height max and I bought two new for $50.

  • I re-use the paper for several shoots, but I am not shooting anything as big as a car. I too use some fabric backgrounds on location. Wrinkles are not a problem as I move my subject away from the backdrop as far as I can and let my depth of field blur the wrinkles out.
    I would think it would take some serious lighting to get even illumination for a car-sized green screen shoot.
    I shoot mostly people and use white, grey, or black to avoid color casts on my subject when creating composites.

  • @Gary

    Getting the depth of field advantage is why I’m looking for larger backdrops.
    The best way I’ve been able to light a large screen (at least for the test we were trying on the car) was to set the screen up outside. Then let the sun light the screen on an overcast day. (This way the filmed action lighting matches the street footage we composite with.)

    Inside I have about 2.5 kilowatts of lights to work with. I use my PAR can lights that I do stage lighting with. Not the best but there all on dimmers and have gel frames for diffusers.

    Thanks for the help and info. I’m going to have to do some thinking…

  • @Dave,

    Hey just got back from Target. I found a king size flat sheet for $19. It looks really good. Big enough for wide shots.

    Mine has a 3″ hem on one side. I’m going to cut the edge on both sides of the hem down 3″. Then I’ll be able to slip it over a hanging pole and stretch the bottom/sides.

    Thanks for the suggestions Dave and Gary!

  • Dave,
    What is the name of this tune? Thanks….and thanks for all you have done for my dslr video career.

  • I’ll try sending some rain that way. The grass is growing to fast here in the bluegrass state.

    Glad to here you’re safe.

  • Dave,
    Could you please provide me the name of the tune that you used on this video. Thanks so much.

  • LMAO, you have a ton of patience with those rods. I would have sledge hammered them much sooner.

  • Just a thought – and something I plan to do – but since you never film to the exact sides of the muslin, you could put some eyelets down the 12′ side, say every 3″, and then pass shower curtain hooks, (the type that clip together to hold curtain) through them.

    That will allow you to select 10′ or 12′ on poles. (I plan to do this with my 20′ x 10′ greenscreen)

    How will I support 20′? Three background stands, 2 x 10′ poles, (that DO come apart!) and an adaptor in the middle to fix the poles to the mid stand.