I finally made the switch!

In one word, the reason is “Slog“.

Picked up the full Studio version for $390 used on eBay.

I downgraded my Adobe membership from $50 to $10 (Photography plan the includes Lightroom and Photoshop) and it feels pretty good to pay less. Money was not the issue, it came down to grading slog footage faster.

Other choices out there, like Finalcut, Avid, Edius. I have not tried them all, I am not saying that Resolve is the best out there, it is just the right fit for me.

I’ve been using Resolve for years now, but in very small amounts. I have done the vast majority of my editing in Premiere Pro over the past 6 years (before that is was Vegas). This switch is been years in the making.

I am not an expert at editing or color, so I might be the best person to listen to. I am not saying follow me, screw Adobe for not adding color features fast enough, this is a hard decision to make since there are many things to consider. To me it came down to grading a lot of slog footage, and this made the most sense.

Lots of questions to ask and everyone is different before you make a big change like this.

  • What type of computer and GPU do you have?
  • What camera do you shoot with, is it a heavily compressed format like XAVCS or is it ProRes?
  • Do you shot in a log format?
  • Do you use After Effects a lot?

To me Adobe was making record profits but was not making the advancements in color fast enough for me.

If you guys are interested perhaps I can make a video about how to setup your project so you can try Resolve to see what you think without wasting a lot of time like I did over the years.

Education is key if you want to get up to speed. Take Alexis Van Hurkman’s courses. I don’t have any affiliation with him.

I have created a large project and it is pretty stable, I had a few crashes, but for the most part it is about as stable as PPro.

There are many differences, like you will wait longer in Resolve to open up a directory for the first time, but you have to wait for all media to load when opening up a project in PPro.

The biggest difference is performance, PPro editing 4K footage on my beastly machine is great, but in Resolve it can be painfully slow which kills you creativity. But you can optimize the 4k footage within Resolve and then it cuts like butter. But the 15-30 minutes to optimize the media in resolve is offset in the fact the I will save 30 minutes when grading slog footage at the end.


  • Resolve got so powerful on the editing front in the last couple of years. I think at this point I would miss too many features in Resolve though. I mostly edit short documentaries, which means I have a lot of footage to plow through which is great in Premiere. Lumetri also has gotten a lot of love from the Premiere dev team in the last three releases. It’s great to see it developing so rapidly. Apparenlty in the newest Premiere you can even do secondary corrections through Lumetri now, haven’t really played around with this though. Also Sound Design and Audio filters are great in Premiere, not sure about Resolve when it comes to Audio.. Anyways, thanks for comparing these two and providing your findings!

  • Are you coming up with a resolve course soon? Would love to learn that course, grading slog and all thanks!

  • @Gabriel I’m not sure I have the experience with Resolve to make a course at this point but I might make a few videos on it soon.

  • Is there a list of graphics cards that work with 12.5? I have seen the the list that does not work,

  • Hi Dave, I am trying to switch, but everytime I receive this message Your-GPU-memory-is-full, and then the computer crashes. I have a 2.9 ghz inter core I5 I mac, with 16 gb in ram. Could you give us a short brief to avoid this? Thanks

  • Hey Dave glad you finally switched, Resolve is amazing.Not sure if you followed my stuff over the years but I am a heavy After Effects user and I still switched to Resolve for many of the reasons you spoke about. I love the tracker.