Quick tip from my iphone.

Tascam DR60


  • Strange setup, it works, but strange. What about the classic handclap or a cable from the tascam (out) to the canon (in) ?

  • Dave,

    Is this easier than the old clap your hands method? Also, have you tried plural eyes?

  • Sorry for the stupid response. I forgot there is no audio with RAW. Clap could still work though, right?

  • Clapper boards were created for this very reason with film. However, they are a pain and you have to remember to do it for every clip. As long as the Magic Lantern beep is exactly at the start of the clip, this method will be great… just remember to always roll sound first!

    This would work even if you were using something like a Zoom H4n or H2 mounted on or next to the camera, as the internal mic would pick up the beep.

    Nice work!

  • Hey Dave is this what your doing with the Tascam.
    The DR-60 has a built in slate. This is simply a BEEP sound that gets sent out of its outputs and recorded into the audio. Slate tones are useful for syncing in post. You can set the slate button to just beep when you press it, or it can briefly beep automatically when you start and stop recording. This is useful for syncing in post if you use the CAMERA OUT feature. The beeps will be visible as square blocks in the audio waveforms of your post-production software. The visual blocks and the audible beeps make it easy to line up your externally recorded high-resolution audio files with your lower-resolution camera audio.

  • I was considering this or the new Zoom. Tascam battery is horrible from what I read on other test. Also not as clean. Since you know audio I can’t wait to see your review. I do like the Tascam design better then the zoom.

  • I have both the tascam dr-60D and the zoom h6. The tascam has 30db less noise than the zoom after 4 independent and separate test results. But both can do the job.