I did some research and testing with this file and found some cool features with it.

So I have been wondering what this .thm file is that comes with the .mov files off my Canon T2i 550D for a while now, so I decided to do some testing to see if I really need them.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

Basically these files are an easy way for you to preview your video files on your camera’s display without hitting the play button. They also carry some nice EXIF meta data as well that can be useful when figuring out what exposure settings you used when shooting a video. So basically it is a thumbnail image with EXIF data attached.

It is totally OK to delete this files and they are not needed or do anything once you import them to your computer unless you want the meta EXIF data.


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  • Cool Dave. It never occurred to me that there would be valid EXIF data in the thumbnail. I often wonder what my settings were after the fact. Good find.

  • hey mate … cool hidden feature … i have to check if this is also avalible on MAC… one thing i can add to this: for FCP users need that THM file if they use the Canon E1 Log & Transfer plugin. so you have to keep them and the file structure in a folder that this tool can recognize the clips …. even you copied them in a folder on you hard drive

    greetings form germany

  • Is it possible to restore the actual video file if you accidentally deleted it, but still have the .thm file?

  • i had always wondered what these files were! so i kept them in conjunction with each little movie i took fearing their possible importance. i shall now dive into my video folder and delete them all as they make the folder look cluttered and i need visual organization! thanks! =)

  • What is the secret to playing the movie back with sound ? I use ‘Nero Vision’ to make a DVD, but there is no sound ?

  • Thank you so much. This was a great video and I will subscribe to your youtube channel. I actually was looking this up because my mp3 fuze converter (video4fuze) created these files with my converted videos.

  • Hey Dave, I wasn’t sure if in your experience you have learned how to not record the .thm files altogether.
    The reason i ask is that the .thm file makes the video unplayable when i import it onto my ipad.
    I use my ipad as a media dump when i am on shoots. To review the videos would be a big help.
    Thanks for any help!

  • Thanks for the useful info. Incidentally, I use a Sony camera (DSC-T9) and it too produces a .thm file 🙂

  • Weird… first it’s weird that you have to change .thm to .jpg… so what’s the point in calling it .thm… why not just have it already named to jpg. 2nd: My thm files on my mac don’t show my ISO settings… otherwise it shows everything else.

  • Thanks for the .THM extension info. Could you please explain .MODD and .MOFF extensions? Also, am I able to remove these file extension thumbnails, yet preserve my cannon camera video?

    Thanks so much!
    Kelly Baas

  • Hey
    How do you make YouTube default to 720p video on this page?
    Beautiful looking video by the way.
    Crystal clear.

  • Hi Dave, you ahve made the most professional explaining of the THM files so far on the internet. Why am I not able to see thumbnails, like you can in your video? I’m a Vista user.
    Regards from Tonny i Denmark.

  • Thanks and great vid, I thought I’d also mention this also comes on Sony’s pocket sized camcorders, when downloading.

  • Great site! And fairly easy to understand as well. Delighted to have found it. Answered my question about THM files and now working my way through the other vids. Thank you!

  • Awesome video. thanks alwasy wondered what these were for. thought it might be something to do with the HD but what you shown makes so much sense. also the meta details will be useful now i know where to look. many thanks

  • Thanks, this was a really useful and clear explanation of something that’s been bugging me for ages. Like a previous poster, I use a Sony camera, and this also has the THM files. Great video, thanks.

  • This information was very helpful. I appreciated the demo and all of the accompanying information.

  • My ge camera when i take a pic it makes 1 thm file next to it and its a pain to deleat all of them how do i get rid of thm
    Thank You

  • My Cannon PowerShot S5IS – started to do this out of the blue about a month or two ago, I’ve had it for 5 years and it’s NEVER done it in the past. it’s starting to show normal wear and tear for being 5 yrs old and used A LOT. is there a setting on the camera that can be changed to NOT even put the .THM file on? it takes up space on Memory cards, it’s not needed and to be honest it’s annoying me It’s never done it before, and my daughter was using my camera taking videos and I don’t know if she messed with the settings or what but it seems it started after She used it.

  • If you are using advanced converters and want to get best of your video – Don’t delete these files, because converting software uses it. For example 5DtoRGB are use these THM files for conversion to be shure that video will be rendered with proper Gamma!

  • Thanks!!!!! Though I have been deleting on occasion (while also experiencing a whole-body shiver out of fear), I have never had an issue. Now I’m deleting all of them. Would you believe I’ve retrieving over 6 GB of room??? Thanks for your calm & easy-to-understand explanation!

  • Thank you for this nice explanation! I’ve been deleting these files for quite a while now without knowing what information exactly I was deleting with them. This amateurishness has just ended, thanks to your video!

  • Very good video! Informative and you are a good teacher/explainer! It is always a good idea to know the data of your pictures for a variety of reasons. Now I am wondering if it wouldn’t be better to rename all of the .thm files into jpg’s and delete the other thumbnails that the computer created? Is it safe to do this?

  • Thanks for the information. I always had a bit of question in deleting this file but now I know its not that important.

  • Thanks for showing us how to convert a file from .thm to other extension + how to see more details of the picture such as ISO, etc.

  • thank you my GE X500 dose this and Iv been deleting them, cause i didn’t know what they were, until I googled it and came across your video..thanks good info.

  • for some reason, some of my mov files were converted to thm files…I’ve used this mov files before with no problem, then for some reason they dissappeared leaving an icon saying media offline on the time line

    was trying to import the same mov files but could not find it any longer …instead i found the same clip but it says thm files

    can i still recover my missing mov files…thanks