Trying New Methods with Timelapse and a Slider

I learned a few things over the weekend about timelapse and my slider.


Drove up into the mountains for a camping weekend with my youngest daughter and I thought I would share some of the footage from a video I made from our trip and some of the things I tried and learned. I omitted most of the closeups of my daughter.

I tried two different methods with the time lapses. The time lapse of us setting up the tent was done on manual mode and the other was on time priority. I used manual mode to see if I could rid it of flicker I have had on previous time lapse but what I got when the clouds came in and out was an over exposed image. I won’t try that method again where the light changes so dramatically.

When we took the tent down in morning there were no clouds which is typical for a Colorado morning and I tried time priority mode and didn’t notice any flicker. I really like time priority because I can drag the shutter and get a nice smooth consist ant look. I used an ISO of 100 and a shutter of half a second. The only thing that changed was the aperture, and I really never noticed the depth of field change.

The only way I could pull off half second shutter times is with my Lightcraft Workshop variable ND filter which I really love. As far as I can see, it does a great job of reducing the light entering the camera without adding any color shift. I highly recommend this filter for timelapse and getting shallow DOF in bright conditions.

The other thing I tried was, instead of using a wide angle lens mounted on my Konova slider I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and tried using portrait lens for slider moves. All the slider moves I showed earlier were taken on the Konova slider with the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, and I was surprised that I worked pretty well, heck I think the one shot of the minivan could belong in a car commercial.

I am heading back up to the mountains again (Moraine Campround in RMNP) this weekend with my oldest daughter and my goal is to get some timelapse of the stars because last weekend it rained and the moon came out. Perhaps I can come back with something that even Tom Lowe could be proud of.

Thanks to Denkitribe with his song “Gain” for allowing me to use it here.

Product Used in this Video

Konova Slider

Lightcraft ND timelapse shots

Canon T2i