Trying My First Timelapse with My Canon T2i 550D

I feel like I am Philip Bloom. 🙂


I just got in to LA for the VidCon conference a couple hours ago and since I have a nice hotel room on the 12th floor I thought I would copy Philip Bloom and try to do my first time lapse.

I actually have a balcony that I can walk out on which is a bit scary considering that LA had an earthquake less than 24 hours ago!

Update 7/12/2010: I am back home now and got to edit the time lapse from the t2i and it looks like I still have a ton to learn.

Please let me know if you think if I need to change my settings for the next time lapse.

I will try to upload a video that shows how I processed the images once I had them on my computer.

My First Try at Time Lapse

Here are the settings I am currently shooting with:

  • Manual focus
  • 50mm prime lens – I also used my zoom too
  • Single shot setting
  • Auto ISO [I will try setting this to a fixed setting next time to get rid of the flickering effect]
  • AWB [I will try setting this to a fixed setting next time]
  • ‘S’ jpg resolution (start out small for the test so I don’t waste too much time if it sucks) [Try ‘L’ next time so I can zoom]
  • F8.0 aperture
  • Aperture Priority mode
  • Standard picture style [try landscape next time]
  • Auto light optimizer disabled
  • 3 second timer on the Timer Remote [try 1 second next time for faster moving clouds]
  • Evaluative metering mode
  • Next time I will try dragging the shutter to get a smoother look.