I feel like I am Philip Bloom. :)

I just got in to LA for the VidCon conference a couple hours ago and since I have a nice hotel room on the 12th floor I thought I would copy Philip Bloom and try to do my first time lapse.

I actually have a balcony that I can walk out on which is a bit scary considering that LA had an earthquake less than 24 hours ago!

Update 7/12/2010: I am back home now and got to edit the time lapse from the t2i and it looks like I still have a ton to learn.

Please let me know if you think if I need to change my settings for the next time lapse.

I will try to upload a video that shows how I processed the images once I had them on my computer.

My First Try at Time Lapse

Here are the settings I am currently shooting with:

  • Manual focus
  • 50mm prime lens – I also used my zoom too
  • Single shot setting
  • Auto ISO [I will try setting this to a fixed setting next time to get rid of the flickering effect]
  • AWB [I will try setting this to a fixed setting next time]
  • ‘S’ jpg resolution (start out small for the test so I don’t waste too much time if it sucks) [Try ‘L’ next time so I can zoom]
  • F8.0 aperture
  • Aperture Priority mode
  • Standard picture style [try landscape next time]
  • Auto light optimizer disabled
  • 3 second timer on the Timer Remote [try 1 second next time for faster moving clouds]
  • Evaluative metering mode
  • Next time I will try dragging the shutter to get a smoother look.


  • Found this the other day when listening to This Week in Photography (I think).


    Basically, as you are doing your time lapse, this openmoco device will pan your camera slightly after each time period.

    The effect is a nice pan of a time lapsed scene, making the final video much more interesting to watch.

    Also, whilst you’re up there (the shots looked like you were in high rise), you should consider making a few fake tilt-shift pics.

  • Hey dave I got my T2i about a month ago and its been great.

    Here was my first attempt at timelapse.


    Not sure if you do much color correcting in post but if you do I have found that the best way to shoot for color correction is a user defined style where the contrast is set to -4 sharpness is set to 4 and saturation is set to -2. It makes for a flat image that retains alot of the detail because of the low contrast. That way you have more to work with in post. Its kind of like working with raw video. Its not that pretty straight out of the camera but can produce great results.

  • @Rod thanks for the link I like your timelapse better than the ones I did. I will try your suggestions on the next ones I try.

  • I’d suggest just a few more more things. Longer exposure times also help kill the flicker. Play around with that. Also – cover up the viewfinder. Sometimes light from the viewfinder can hit the sensor and also produce different exposures between frames. There is a small viewfinder blocker on the strap that comes with the T2i… it works perfect.

    I posted my short video of my T2i time lapse sequences on another one of your posts… but I figured I would share it here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D18HFph1I6Q

  • Hi Dave,

    Loving the site so far, well done.

    Are you using a mains AC power supply while taking the timelapse? If so where did you get it and how much did it cost?

    Thanks in advance,


  • I use the exact same equipment for my timelapse. Heres something I shot the other night http://www.vimeo.com/13290325 . I got rid of the flickering by going 100% manual and setting the white balance to daylight. Shot in the largest jpeg so I could do some little moves. Also dragged the shutter to smooth everything out. I enjoy the site. Keep it up!

  • The great thing about timelapse is how little you have to do while you’re making them. I recently shot my first couple sets while on vacation in New Hampshire (http://www.vimeo.com/13236943 and http://www.vimeo.com/13238385) and I am absolutely addicted. I made the same mistake at first setting my intervals to 5 seconds for a short shoot rather than 1 second. I haven’t tried any nighttime projects yet and I really want to.

  • Hey Dave,
    A very nice and useful site you have here. Been following you since the day i bought my canon 550d last month. Thanks for the great content your providing for beginners like us.

    Here is my first timelapse and would love to here your suggestions.

  • I bought Canon 550D and been following your videos and this website. Appreciate your work. I have a quick question.

    I dont have a remote for my SLR but I know that there is a EOS utility software cd that came with it. Can I use that software and set it to work like the remote you used in this video to take multiple shots in specified intervals.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Dave,

    Firstly great website, I’m enjoying learning as you learn with my 550D. Have you figured out any other tricks when it comes to Time Lapse, since this shoot? Shot interval as to what fps?


  • Hey Dave,

    Great site and great video, I thought the last timelapse here was great! By any chance do you know what the settings were, in terms of shutter speed and fps for that last one? I just started experimenting with timelapse using my 500D and I’m addicted.


  • dave,
    was that a sound track dubbed onto the last cloud lapse? if so, where did you acquire the track?

  • @Jason
    I’m not sure about the 550D, but the EOS software that came with my 7D provides a utility for time lapse.

  • Dear Dave,

    I recently purchased the intervalometer through the link on your website. Simply put, it does not work. The title description clearly states that it is compatible with the Canon 60 D, (although your link is now pointed to another product which is not the right one). I noticed that the Trademark “Aputure” is on my box and the device itself, however, it is not in the pictures on Ebay. The plug is plastic and square-ish whereas the camera’s port is circular and smaller. They either gave me the wrong one, or this is some sort of bait and switch sort of thing.

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  • Hi Dave,
    Nice Time Lapse info. I also tried to take time lapse by taking 1 shot per minute for 60 minutes. Used Moon & Venus as subject while they set in western sky. Used Canon 550D & Canon 50mm f1.8 MkII lens for this.
    I also made a stacked image from individual frames using “Startrails” software. overall it turn out ok. but I think that Intervalometer would be great to use. as i manually took all 60 shots.
    here is the youtube video link for my time lapse – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8ica-Z7PtM

  • Do check my YouTube channel for more videos taking using Canon 550D.
    I must Thank You for all your efforts in putting the lot of easy video tutorials and simple instructions which really encourage people like me to explore more into the world of DSLR videos. Thanks.