Dave Dugdale’s Top 10 Movies of All Time

Don’t hate me if your favorite is not on the list.


My top 10 movies of all time, I started this list years ago but I have never published it because I know many people will argue that I got it all wrong – which in itself will be fun, and I’m sure I will get to hear about other movies that are great I have never heard of before.

Don’t expect this to be a normal top 10 with The Godfather on the list, oh no, you might as well stop watching now.

For me it is not about the cinematic experience, it’s about did it move me, did it make me do something, make me think differently, did it make me laugh so hard I fell of my chair laughing so hard.

I think there is only one movie that shares the same actor – Alan Rickman. In my blog post I embedded all the trailers for the movies I am talking about, it is OK to visit my site, it usually contains more info than what is in the video.

Top 10 List (Try different browser if they don’t all display)

10. Hot Tub Time Machine 2010 – this one made me laugh so hard, it takes place in the 80’s which I can relate to, and the whole motif of chopping off the bellman’s arm was comic genius for me. It is a bit raunchy, but if you have my sense of humor you will love this. Go watch the trailer on my site, it is cut really well.

9.  Sideways – To me this movie is all about transporting yourself to another location, kind of like taking a mini vacation. The trailer is not that good, the movie is much better than it lets on.

8.  Bottle Shock – Another wine movie. I love the pacing of this movie. There is a promise at the beginning of the movie and there is multiple payoffs at the end that are so good. My favorite scene is when he is in the law office and he uses a sword to open a bottle of wine.

7. It’s a Wonderful Life – this has to been my top feel good movie. You will cry at the end.

6. Star Wars – I can remember the exact theater and where I was sitting in the theater when I saw this one, that is how much of impression it left of me. Leaving the theater I was blown away at what I just saw.

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – this movie is a good one to re-watch every so often to remind you need to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile. This is not my top comedy but it is really close.

4. The Sound of Music – Watching this movie with my kids is fun, I can watch this one over and over again with them and never get bored, and of all the movies on this list I think this one is the most beautifully filmed.

3. Die Hard – this has to be my number one action film of all time. One of my favorite scenes is where Bruce Willis bare foot is being chased around at the top of the building and has time to stop for a look at a pin up poster of a girl for a split second.

2. Princess Bride – This over the top fairy tell movie is so almost so over the top it is a spoof of all fairy tell movies.

Before I tell you my number one movie of all time please remember how I titled this blog post, Dave Dugdale’s Top 10 Movies of All Time, so if your favorite is not on the list, don’t get mad at me, this is more of insight into my odd taste in movies, please add yours to the comment if you like, perhaps I will watch it if I haven’t already.

1.  Office Space – The first time I watched this with my wife I was physically laughing so hard I fell on the floor laughing. One of my favorite scenes is after the main character is hypnotized and unscrews apart his cubical and then pushes it down with one finger so he can have a window view.

So there you have it, you can disagree with me all you want in the comments but I am sticking to this list.