Sony is listening to us so I created a list for them

First off, these are great cameras already. Better than Canon. Sony seems to be really listening, since they are listening I have a wish list for the next Sony a7R Mark 3 and a7S mark 3 cameras.

Top 20 Features I Would Like to Have

  1. Better AF. The algo they have in the Sony fly-by-wire lenses is very frustrating when shooting video. Touch screen for pulling focus would kind of fix that.
  2. The colors science improved from the original a7s, but keep working on the colors. Perhaps they can come up with another Color Mode that emulates Arri, just call it Arri I am sure they would not mind.
  3. Touch screen (I skip 4 in the video because I combined it with the touch screen)
  4. Flip out to the side screen
  5. A easy to edit codec for Davinci Resolve. Not asking for Prores, but something that cuts like butter in Resolve like Prores and is not so CPU intensive when editing in 4ktop 20
  6. Custom WB in movie mode
  7. Assign APS-C to button!
  8. Film with shutter button
  9. Create another log profile that is a combination of slog2 and slog3. Slog3 is too flat but easier to grade by hand, Slog2 is about as flat as I want it to be but is harder to grade by hand. Keep the min ISO to 800 for this new log profile.
  10. Allow 3rd party besides Zeiss AF information to they can design lenses that work just as fast as the native glass, the more you can expand the E mount system the more you will sell these cameras.
  11. Faster chips to improve rolling shutter.
  12. Better menus, sounds like they are coming
  13. Apps don’t lose settings from before
  14. Make it so simple to transfer images to my smart phone
  15. Increase Battery life
  16. Improve IBIS
  17. Usb3
  18. Distance scale in movie mode
  19. Louder speaker like on the iPhone.
  20. RGB Histogram for video

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I am really Dreaming Wish List

  1. Raw output to my shogun. Might not sure it that often but it would be nice to have
  2. Built in nd like rx100 or fs5, I would take a slightly bigger body for that request
  3. 60fps at 4k for the sports I do
  4. Peaking like in shogun that gives more info
  5. Histogram doesn’t work for video in whites with slog. False color or wave form or a way to see histogram in all r g b channels


  • HI! Great list and video! First: sorry my english. Second: Personally I add to the list: focus assistance on camera flashes. Its for me very, very important to do my job in low light at weddings and parties. In fact, the actual design in the camera itself, it’s really bad: unless you put a lens like the 20mm pancake, never illuminates completely. Any other lens covers half of light or more yet. Still I do not understand wich is the technical limitation for this. Light focus assist function in a flash mounted on the a7rii or A6300 or any of the mirrorless… why doesn’t work?

    If you have the ability to communicate this to people of Sony, I do appreciate it! And I’ll owe you a couple of beers!

  • Hi Dave, nice list and let’s hope Sony is listening to people who are using their cameras out in the field.

    Here are couple of my suggestions in no specific order. I would really like to see the iPhone app improve to a more professional utilitarian feel. I would love to pull focus on the phone’s touch screen. I would like to create scripts for automated brackets on the phone’s app to use single bracket with it’s twelve bit capacity. Not sure I care about a flip out screen if they can make the connection between the phone and camera both seamless while giving the phone/tablet total control over all menu features. I might actually rather have the body & screen more durable and weather resistant.

    Either I have a faulty IBIS or it needs to improve a lot but I have many instances shooting stills where I believe it’s creating blur and or not perfectly square to the original film plane throwing focus out much more than a lens could. This doesn’t seem to happen all the time but unscientifically it’s the only explanation reviewing the stills I can come up with.

    I’m with you I don’t want to see a bigger body and want to keep the battery the same size, but a second card slot would be nice. The camera also needs to be able to record on both the camera and laptop when tethered, not just the laptop. Not sure I want USB3 wouldn’t USB-c be more universal for the future?

    I’m surprised you didn’t ask for 422 or 10bit color within the codec?

    If we’re talking wish lists I would like to see a better audio connection solution preferably not on the hot-shoe but underneath for better balance with a lower center of gravity. Honestly I would like to see the hot-shoe go away and become a 1/4-20 mounting point for a handle. (If you’re using flash use connect via a sync wire)

    I don’t want to see the a7r3 pixels increase too much.

    Finally while not a camera improvement but I would really really like to see improvements in the f4 zoom lenses (smaller style lenses).