Find out who is the king of traffic in this HD-DSLR video niche.

I love to consume content on DSLR Video – I eat it up like I’m at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I wanted to find out if I was missing any really good content out there on ‘DSLR Video’ so I started looking a traffic numbers for these type of sites.

I am guessing this blog post might upset some people that their favorite blog or site is not listed. And to be honest that is kind of the point of this blog post is to find out what else is out there so I can update the list below and find more content for me to consume. 🙂

I’m only interested in sites that deal mostly with DSLR video, I know there must be a lot more popular still (photography) sites that occasionally talk about video, but I’m only interested in sites sharing great info on the DSLR video with big traffic numbers.

Update 6/23/10: From the comments below I added a new site I never knew of before called and that is now in the top 5.

Update 8/8/2010: More people found this page so I updated it again and took Chase Jarvis off since his blog appears to be more about stills rather than video. Also Google AdPlanner does have the best data from what I can see and does so I also changed the rankings for that as well.

For those confused by Alexa’s Traffic Rank number above – the lower number means more traffic. My favorite metric for this small niche is Google AdPlanner – give it a try it is pretty interesting.

Please leave a site or blog below you would like me to check on to see if it will make it in the top 5.

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