I count my favorites down.

I’ve wanted to do this post for awhile now to share what I feel are the top 17 people to follow if you want to learn and be inspired for shooting DSLR Video.

I am going to be counting them down, but before I start, this list is in order of how I feel when they have produced new content. You know that feeling you get when you see they have published something new. I look for people that are inspirational, educational or creative.

Top 17

17. Emm over at CheesyCam.  Emm’s videos are not very inspirational since he talks mostly about products and doesn’t show any examples of videos he has done for let say, clients. But his videos are educational because you learn how to save money buying gear. He saved me a lot of money over the years. He has an amazing nack for finding obscure items on Ebay, I truly have no idea how he finds this stuff.

16. Richard Harrington. Richard is all over the place on the web. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from this guy. His tutorails are well structured and you can tell he rehearses them before he starts. He has a video where he is editing video within Photoshop that would just blow you away.

15. Luke Neumann. Luke is very good at creating a short epic trailer. His color grading skills are very good. He has not done that many tutorials lately but if you go back to his earlier YouTube videos you can find some really good ones in there.

14. Jem Scofield. Jem amazes me because he creates a video almost everyday of the week on what he is thinking about or has learned. You will not see a lot of b-roll or true tutorials on his site, but I over the past year I have learn a lot from him.

13. Ryan Connolly at Film Riot. I really like that he creates skits for every episode and then explains how he did it. He is very creative so I get very inspired what he does with DSLR’s but on the education side he usually glosses over the After Effects tutorial so fast that it is hard follow, but I find his videos entertaining and inspirational.

12. Tom Antos Tom has a mixture of content, I would say about a 1/3rd of his videos are tutorials and he seems to be making less of them lately but they are very educational because he does take you step by step on them. He is also a master of not only using green screen but compositing backgrounds from scratch.

11. Carl Olsen’s 16×9 podcast. Straight up Carl has interesting guests on his show, I always enjoy when Chris Fenwick is on his show because I will learn some thing about editing.

10. Ron Dawson’s Crossing the 180 podcast. Ron is really good at getting his guests to talk about their history in film making in very chronological order which for some reason I like. I always pickup at least one thing per podcast.

9. Caleb Pike at DSLRVideoShooter. Always good educational content mostly on how to use equipment. I love his ND filter and EOS software videos he did. I wish he would share more b-roll or footage in his tutorials but none the less he is a must to follow.

8. Vincent LaForet. I love all the content he has shared on CreativeLive. I watched both of his live three day events at the time they aired. I learned a ton. Vincent is one of those guys that are both inspirational and an education.

7. Shane Hurlbut. I think I have enjoyed his posts about lighting the best. And you just have to love all the passion he has for the DSLR cameras.

6. Philip Bloom. Philip is very similar to Vincent in that he stimulates both sides of my brain, the right side for inspiration and the left for education. He is responsible for me starting this blog 2 years ago and back then he even answered a few of my questions.

5. Patrick Moreau at StillMotion. Patrick thinks outside the box and while he shares a ton about what he is doing his videos are so fun to download and then tear apart within my NLE – so much to learn from him. I think he was a physiology major so I find his transition in to film making fascinating.

4. Anton Lorimer at Lorimer Works. I just found this guy a few months ago. Unfortunately he does not share what he is doing from an educational point of view but he is so inspirational. Check out his videos with Jasmine Star and watch how he angles the camera up to 10 to 15 degrees in interviews sometimes and it looks so good.

3. Freddie Wong. Freddie and Brandon are both educational and inspirational but they add one more element that puts them all the way to #3 and that is consistent – creativity. They are insanely creative on every video. Check out his second channel where most of his “tutorials” are.

2. Andrew Kramer at VideoCopilot. Again left and right brain cells firing on all cylinders with his videos. His tutorials make you want to learn After Effects.

1. Tom Guilmette. When Tom does a video which is not that often I know it is going to be great. He is a master at narrating his videos. I just loved the TimeFest video he did which was 22 minutes long! That is a long time to hold someone’s interest.

Oops, I totally forgot to add Tony Reale from NextWaveTV. I had him on the list before but when I taped the video I forgot to add him. He has some great tutorials too.

Now this list moves around a lot because some people that started sharing great stuff a year or so ago have become less sharing now so I have move them down a little bit.

What I need help with is I know they are other people out there that I would love to know about so please leave a comment on who’s videos do you most look forward to seeing?

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