Updated look at where I shoot my green screen work.

Some people on Vimeo and here on this blog wanted to see an update on my basement studio where I do my green screen work, so here it is below:

Also if you want to see more where I give a bit more detail you can watch this one I created over a year ago:


  • Just dropping a comment to say that what you’re doing is great stuff. Im a 7d user myself but nonetheless your efforts are of help. Keep it up Dave. Thanks

  • @JR, thanks for taking the time to write that. All the emails and comments I have been getting like that mean a lot to me. Makes me feel good that I am helping others out.

  • Love the studio space. Great video quality from an all DIY setup, even the sound board you have on the wall. I think you mispronounced the diffusion material though. It’s ‘Rip Stop Nylon’. Good job.

  • this great DIY info for building my own studio. I’m looking into buying the 550D t2i to shoot my video blog for my site , Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

  • Hi! I’m from Germany, and im planning to do some videocast for educational matters.
    This is really cool and helps me allot to have enough courage to buy some halogene spots.
    So when i understood that right, you use:

    4x 500 Watts for the Background
    2x 500 Headlight
    1x 500 Fills
    1x 500 Backlight for shoulders and hairs?

    allinall 4kW ?

    Seems to get quit warm in your basement 🙂 You can heat you whole house from there 🙂

    Can you make an example with and without the softboxes?

    THX, Nate

  • Well, for me chroma keying is an option. Good to have but not that important. Most of the time i will be filming people talking, perhaps with some slides in the background. But however, it will not look too good, when the heads are in front of the slides, so i will just add them over a black area.

  • It’s hard to kill greens because it’s hard to rid of your shadow.
    I’m a motion graphic designer.