How Much Does Transcoding to Video Sharing Sites Reduce Moiré Patterns

Just how much Moire is taken out from the upload transcoding process compared to the original clip.


This weekend at the Denver Aquarium I found really good examples of  Moiré Patterns when shooting DSLR video on my Canon T2i 550D.

Check out the pants on the juggler closes to me! Wow, that’s a Moire! (say with Italian accent)

I brought down the sharpness in camera to 0 and then increased it in post. What I wanted to know was how much reduction in Moire is there from the original clip after it has been transcoded by video sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

After comparing the original to the transcoded version it appears that Vimeo’s transcoding did reduce it just a bit more, not a ton but it definitely helped.

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